A research on green tea dieting published in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition

A research on green tea dieting published in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition

Oveview of green tea dieting research...

In the January issue published in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition showed the results of an experiment in which people use green tea or oolong tea to lose weight.

The result of this experiment is that people who drink green tea regularly lose more weigh than people who drink only oolong tea. The researchers came to the conclusion that the higher level of polyphenol flavonoid accelerate the break down of body fat thus cause the people to lose more weight.

Moreover, the study also shred some light into the effects of polyphenol EGCG on leptin. Leptin molecules came from fat molecules. EGCG in tea, especially green tea can suppress the production of leptin. Studies have shown that lower level of leptin can reduce craving.

More details in the research…

To go into further details from the American journal of Clinical Nutrition above, the researchers actually measure the rate of metabolism of tea drinkers and non-tea drinkers. The initial hypothesis was that the level of caffeine in tea contributes to higher rate of metabolism. But the study found out something even more interesting.

Studies and statistics indicate that there is4 % increase in the rate of metabolism. Since the calories is burned 8 times as fast as the rate of metabolism, people who drink green tea burn 8 times more calories during the day than non-drinkers.

This study was conducted by testing 3 groups of men. One group was given green tea extract capsules twice each day. One group was given caffeine capsules. The last group was given a placebo (a capsule that contains substance with no nutritional value whatsoever.)

For six weeks, the 3 groups were in the same conditions and life styles. Researchers tried to see if green tea dieting is the only difference. Each day, each man was measured the rate of metabolism and burning calories.

The data collected led researchers to 3 conclusions. First, there wasn’t much different from caffeine consumers and placebo consumers. So caffeine isn’t that important in increasing the rate of metabolism.

Secondly, green tea dieting people averaged 4% increase in the rate of metabolism. The calories burn 8 times as fast as the body metabolism. This is translated into about 35%-40% increase in calories burning.

The last conclusion researchers have noticed is that green tea dieting didn’t cause any side effects to thyroid patients. Thus thyroid patients can use green tea extract to lose weight without having to worry about complications caused by drug or other herbal extract.

More researches are conducting on the weigh loss benefits of green tea. If more intensive studies can back up this particular benefit of tea, drinking tea or tea extract may become one of the popular methods to shred the few extra pounds and get in shape.

References: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition November 1999 Efficacy of a green tea extract rich in catechin polyphenol and caffeine in increasing 24-h energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans1,2,3 Abdul G Dulloo et al.

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