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Acne Rosacea  at  Natural Solutions to your Health Problem

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Published by admin March 8th, 2009 in Acne

Acne rosacea is a disease with dermal and ophthalmic manifestations that combines the symptoms specific to rosacea with the pustules of acne. So far, the cause that triggers acne rosacea has not been given an explanation although it is generally admitted that the disease is favored by sun exposure. The pustules and the flushing of the skin usually affect the face and the chest with a deterioration of the condition after the consumption of alcohol, spicy foods or hot drinks.

It appears that acne rosacea affects more women than men, with the preponderance of the condition in the middle-aged group. Thus, the majority of patients are people between 30 and 60, with the mention that in the case of black complexions the identification is more difficult and often delayed. Yet, there is not enough clinical evidence to support the idea that acne rosacea affects fair-skinned people most of the times.

The acne blemishes specific to the disease usually appear in the nose area, on the cheeks and chin, but the central part of the forehead is also commonly affected. The skin is usually very oily too, yet there are some major differences between acne rosacea and acne vulgaris. In traditional acne forms, comedones have no limitation of extent, whereas with rosacea they only appear in the flush areas. Moreover, acne rosacea has a hypertrophy dimension that is not found with acne vulgaris.

Since acne rosacea is a chronic disease its evolution usually expands over several years marked by critical episodes characterized by inflammation. Most often, topical corticosteroids are applied to reduce the intensity of the symptoms and to improve the overall condition, but they are not suitable for long-term therapy due to the tissue atrophy risk or the danger to cause permanent vaso-dilation. Most dermatologists will therefore choose to recommend the systemic treatment instead of the topical one.

Sometimes the damage caused by acne rosacea needs surgical treatment, but only an expert can decide on such a course of action. The tunable dye laser procedure and electrocautery represent the two main options under the circumstances, but one could also choose excision, skin grafting, dermabrasion ands so on. Do not postpone the treatment of acne rosacea because the more time passes, the more difficult will be to cure it.

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