All about binaural beats and how you can benefit

All about binaural beats and how you can benefit

Binaural beats for cancer patients can be a simple and effortless way to get the benefits of meditation in their fight for healing, comfort and pain control.

Meditation has been used for centuries because it works.

There is general misinformation that doing meditation requires you to get new religious beliefs, but that is not true with most meditations specially using binaural beats.

As Cathy Clark writes at lsureveille News Blog:

Benefits of Meditation for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients struggle daily through pain, emotional fluctuations and decreased mental alertness. Cancer diagnosis takes it toll on all aspects of the human anatomy and psyche. Studies performed by MIT and Harvard neuroscientists have brought natural treatments to the forefront of cancer news. According to a 2011 study cited by MIT in the Brain Research Bulletin journal, patients who suffer from cancer such as mesothelioma could better handle pain and emotional turmoil with daily meditation. The first main point made by meditation practitioners is that stress decreases healing potential within the body. Therefore, cancer patients have a more difficult time fighting off the effects of the disease itself. By focusing inner energies and thoughts to a specific location on the body, patients can block the pain receptors and decrease discomfort, mentally. As this occurs, thoughts and negative emotions are pushed to the back of the brain, so to speak, and the stress is lifted temporarily.

Imagine the effects of a mesothelioma prognosis on a patient who is otherwise the picture of health. The stages of emotion from grief to acceptance pave the way for a long recovery full of emotional ups and downs. Add the stress of different treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation and you have a recipe for tension. Stress has long been associated with the body’s ability to heal itself. For this reason, committing to a regular meditation routine can help patients cope and increase immune system efficiency. When the immune system is functioning at full potential, the odds of beating cancer increase drastically. According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation also alleviates other negative emotions such as anger and depression that are common in cancer patients.

While it is possible to successfully complete treatment without meditation, secondary symptoms related to an increase in stress hormones can occur. Symptoms include increased blood pressure and a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. Many doctors have begun to recommend meditation in conjunction with cancer treatments to promote a more positive outlook in their patients. Meditation has been proven to increase the amount of alpha waves that are present in the brain’s cortex, according to MIT. These alpha waves suppress negative emotions by decreasing the sensory distraction in the brain such as worry and tension. Alpha waves also help with sensations such and pain and tingling. In general, the higher the alpha waves the stronger the pain threshold. Because of this study, further research into the effects of meditation and cancer are forthcoming, as scientists delve into the effects of the brain on cancer symptoms.

Binaural beats for cancer patients is an effortless way to get the benefits of meditation, so if you know someone who is suffering from cancer, please let them know of binaural beats for cancer patients.

Just want to clarify that there are no special or separate binaural beats needed for cancer patients, any good alpha or theta binarual beats will work great. And, to get sleep, I recommend theta or delta binaural beats.

I strongly recommend starting with free download (on the right column of this page).

Whether you are new to using binaural beats or you are an experienced user, it may still surprise you that this technology is so powerful that it is used for overcoming addictions.

Binaural beats to overcome addictions can be alpha or theta or delta. Use any for profoundly deep relaxation.

At a time you would normally do your addiction, tell yourself to wait for a few minutes and use the binaural beats. Try it a few times and you may be able to avoid your normal behavior related to your addiction. It is so simple yet so powerful.

Here is what writes:

How To Overcome Addictions More Easily With Brainwave Entrainment

Do you’ve got any additive behaviours? Although many individuals associate habit with the ‘junkie rolling in the gutter’ stereotype, most addicts aren’t like this. Relatively they are completely normal, respectable members of society who occur to be scuffling with some extent of dependency on an undesirable substance or behaviour pattern.

Such a habit is extraordinarily common, and we are able to become addicted to just about anything that makes us really feel good. Cigarettes, alcohol, purchasing, caffeine, and sugar are common examples. After a while however, the nice feeling (which is caused by dopamine production within the mind) wears off, and the addict needs to hold returning to the addictive behaviour as a way to get another ‘repair’. Eventually, the behaviour should be repeated simply as a way to really feel normal.

If the addicted person tries to go chilly turkey, numerous disagreeable physical and mental symptoms will normally be skilled, as the brain and body undergo the withdrawal process. As a way to overcome addiction successfully, it is necessary to discover a manner of sticking together with your decision to quit as you endure this process. A method of doing that is to enlist the power of visualisation – i.e., to observe seeing your self as already having successfully beaten your addiction.

Beating addictions from inside

This might sound reasonably ethereal fairy and inconsequential, however it can really be a very highly effective course of, as a result of it entails altering your total notion of yourself. As soon as a brand new self-picture is ‘put in’ in the brain, it’s much easier to behave in accordance with that, even should you’re going by withdrawal symptoms that may in any other case pull you again in direction of your addiction.

The secret is to make the visualization so robust and powerful that it overrides all the pieces else. To do that, you principally need to be able to calm down deeply, and to maintain your focus while visualising, so your new self-image turns into printed on the subconscious mind.

For those who’ve by no means meditated or visualised before, this can be difficult, as you are more likely to grow to be distracted by stray thoughts and the never-ending chatter of the ‘monkey mind’ that most of us stay with. Happily, brainwave entrainment could make it easier for you.

I find it amazing that just a sound recording with binaural beats is so powerful as to be used as binaural beats to overcome addictions.

You can start using free binaural beats (offered on the right side of this page as free download).

Have you used them to overcome addiction? What do you think?

People who are new to any technology (including mind technology such as binaural beat entrainment or mind machine), tend to be apprehensive. If you are new and feel apprehensive, not to worry.

Binaural beats have been in use for several decades and perhaps thousands and thousands of special sound tracks have been created that make use of binaural beat entrainment technology.

You can be confident that it is safe.

Here is how Kim at explains:

What To Expect From Binaural Beat Entrainment

1. Your body starting to feel heavy and the inability to move freely
2. Total relaxation of the whole body from top to toe
3. Vivid visualizations, colors, and patterns
4. Separation of the conscious and subconscious mind
5. Anxiety, Stress, and Tension Relieved
6. Feeling of sedation or not feeling the body at all

The brain goes through many frequency cycles during each day. Different frequencies produce different effects in the human consciousness. Building on this information, it was apparent that the brains’ operating frequency inside the human brain can be changed by sound waves. Many of the most powerful frequencies are under twenty Hertz. Bearing in mind the human auditory system cannot hear frequencies below twenty Hertz, Binaural Beat Technology was developed which utilizes the internal wiring of the brain to produce the frequency accurately.

The human brain is capable of producing a phenomenon which results in low-frequency pulses in the amplitude of a perceived sound when two audio tones at subtly different frequencies are heard separately, one to each of a subject’s ears, using headphones. A beating tone is often heard, as if the two sounds mixed naturally, outside of the brain. The base frequency of the sounds should be below about 1KHz to 1500Hz for the beating to be clearly heard. The difference between the two frequencies should be small (less than 30 Hz) for the beat effect to occur. If this is not the case the two sounds will be heard independently and no beat will be heard.

If you are new to binaural beat entrainment, please download free mp3 now (just enter your email on the right side box on this page) and use it for a few days. You’ll be amazed with the results you experience.

You can use both alpha or theta as binaural beats for self-hypnosis.

If you are new to binaural beats or self-hypnosis, I suggest you start with alpha binaural beats.

Why? Because it is easier to get into alpha and stay in the alpha state as compared to the theta state. This becomes important because in self-hypnosis you are making an effort of giving yourself positive suggestions for the changes you desire while maintaining the relaxed state.

After you have used alpha binaural beats for self-hypnosis for some time, you can begin to try theta.

If you are new to self-hypnosis, here is how to try in 3 easy steps:

Learn self-hypnosis in 3 easy steps.Self-hypnosis is a powerful method of self improvement.

You can use it for stress management, for studies, for relaxation, for developing new beliefs.

You can also use it for getting rid of limiting or negative beliefs.

Step 1: Select Your Self-Improvement Goal and Desired Benefits and Create Positive Messages

Choose what part of your life you want to improve. Let us say you want to improve your memory.

Now, write down messages regarding memory such that:The messages are in present form and not in future form

Say “I have a good memory”

Not “I will have a good memory”

The messages are positive

Say: “I have a good memory”

Not: “I do not have a bad memory”

Say: “I remember everything I study”

Not: “I do not forget what I study”

Say: “I hate smoking”

Not: “I do not like smoking”

Step 2: Create Relaxing Messages

Some hypnotists describe a scene that is very relaxing and enjoyable. Such scene, depending your experience, could be a scene of park, ocean, river, etc. After describing such scene for 5 minutes or so, start saying “relaxing messages” such that “You are now relaxing. Every part of your body feels relaxed. Tensions are disappearing.”

Some hypnotists directly go to “relaxing messages” that say, “I am relaxing”.

You can use the approach you like more. Some hypnotists like to use a count from 1 to 10 or from 10 to 1 and their messages say that you are moving to a more and more relaxed state.

Step 3: Record and Experiment

If possible, add specially created relaxing music to the recording.

Once your recording is complete, lie down or sit down in a place and at a time that you will not be disturbed. Then play the recording. If you feel like improving any any aspect of the recording, go through the whole process again.

A Powerful Method for Self Improvement

Binaural beats and self-hypnosis are powerful techniques. They become even more powerful when you combine them and use self-hypnosis with binaural beats for self-hypnosis.

Binaural Beats for Studying are binaural beats that students use to change their brainwaves for studyng more effectively.

The students use Binaural Beats for Studying to enter learning state, where concentration is easier to maintain and it is easier to study and learn.

As clementina writes:

Every person has heard that taking illegal medications is undesirable for you. It can also be undesirable to take as well countless medications and drugs that are legal as nicely. The solution is binaural beats, the digital drug.

There are countless unique reasons that individuals take medications. Countless of these reasons are medical in nature. It may possibly be mainly because they are stressed out, in ache, depressed, or a total host of other reasons. Soon enough there is a dependency that develops with countless of these medications.

Binaural beats have the uncommon effect on the brain of making brainwaves that are th precise similar frequency as the beats by themselves. Hence by using binaural beats that are at a a number of frequency you can create brainwaves at the similar frequency.

As Binaural Beats for Studying allows you to focus better on your studies, you learn and remember more in the same amount of time you are studying anyway.

I strongly recommend using this technology for you if you are a student or an executive who needs to learn a lot.

Binaural Beats for sleep can help you to fall asleep easier, to sleep better and wake up more refreshed and energetic. Binaural beats for sleep have been used for decades and because they are so easy to use, it is worth trying if you need help in falling asleep or getting good sleep.

Get a Superior Nights Sleep With Binaural Beats

With the help of meditation and binaural beats, the way in which you see your romance with oneself and your addictions will at long last change for the most productive. Anxiousness is in all probability just 1 of the worst results you can functional working experience even even though trying to get to combat the position off. However, by just continually listening to the brain amusement instrument, the panic that you sense will bit by bit be relieved. In addition, they will alter the way you behave about points so other results even even though you rehabilitate back to your usual life style will not show up.

For people today of you who are unable to relaxation at night time, applying binaural beats is the excellent way to go. In actuality, they have the possible to make you relaxation far far better when compared to other relaxation-inducing therapy options. When aiding you relaxation, they allow for your human physique have your break. In the prolonged operate, your woes of pounding of pillows and tossing and turning will be no much more, as these tones soothe your human physique until you are completely at peace. You conveniently lie down with your eyes close, while hearing the soothing tones, and just before you know it, you are previously entirely at relaxation.

The simplest way to get ready to use successfully the brainwave entrainment prospective of binaural beats, is by the person lying on a snug bed in a dark, tranquil space. The darker and quieter the far better, as the goal is to decrease external sensory stimulus to a bare minimal to allow for the brain to turn inwards with no the distraction of the senses. The use of an eye mask can also be practical. original article

If sleep is an issue for you, you can try binaural beats for sleep here.