Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS – Are you a victim?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS – Are you a victim?

Have you heard of CFS? CFS stands for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is a condition that is known to make you feel so tired that you cannot get down to doing all of your daily activities. There may be other symptoms that show up as well, but if you have been complaining of being constantly tired for the last couple of months or so, and then you could be sure that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS has caught up with you.

A lot of people see their respective conditions better in about a year or two, but in rare cases, there might even be a relapse after a period of time. Some people who suffer from more severe cases might seem to have to grapple with the fatigue for longer and might have to be in that condition for a good number of years.

Unfortunately, not much is known or understood about this syndrome; and there is a lot of debate that continues to follow and surround it. According to a number of experts, this is a separate sort of an illness that is said to come with its own set of symptoms. There is, however, another school of thought that believes otherwise.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS

There are no specific tests that are set aside for the sake of testing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS. Due to this, a lot of people will have trouble when it comes to accepting the fact that they might actually be a disease that they’re affected by and they may have trouble being diagnosed with the syndrome to begin with.

If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS, then be rest assured that your constant tiredness and fatigue isn’t something that is ‘in your head’. In such cases, the tiredness will be a reaction of your body, to factors that can be described as being emotional as well as physical.

The Causes of CFS –

Unfortunately, there isn’t much known about the exact causes of CFS. In some cases, it might be an illness that resembles the symptoms of the flu, while there remains no real proof to this fact; neither is there any real connection. It is possible that quite a few of the triggers that cause for flu come together in order to cause for this CFS.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms are as follows:

  • Constant exhaustion almost all times of the day
  • Problems with sleeping properly
  • Waking up after a long sleep only to find out that you’re not well rested
  • Having difficulty with thinking straight or concentrating on a given task
  • Headaches, joint pain, tenderness in the glands, or a sore throat
  • Flaring up of symptoms when you indulge in a mental or physical activity which could be a serious problem for you.