DIY Health Checks – Part 1

DIY Health Checks – Part 1
I once had a colleague who was perennially worried about her husband never visiting the doctor. This had her constantly nagging him; and he, on the other hand was always cranky because of the constant nagging. What is it about us guys that doesn’t let us visit the doc?

The American Academy of Family Physicians conducted a survey in 2007, and it threw light on the main reasons why guys give the doctor’s clinic a skip! The reasons that made it to the top of the list were – lack of time, absence of any extreme symptoms or problems, and insurance issues. Some of the other reasons that came up can be equated to the ‘dog-ate-my-homework’ trick.

Well, like it or not, nothing that women do or say is going to change the way this works. We’re still not going to make it to the doctor’s. Well, then, the easiest way might be to get your information right on a ‘DIY (Do It Yourself) health check routine’ for us at home. There’s no saying that its good enough to beat the real deal; but its better than nothing, right? At least it lets you distinguish between the serious and the not-so-serious issues.

1 – Horror-Me Gums

Bleeding gums

Redness or inflammation of gums could be a direct indication of gingivitis. It is a condition that is known to progress and reach the periodontal disease stage. Periodontal is directly linked to heart diseases. Heart diseases, believe it or not, are perhaps the biggest killer of men. The problem arises when the bacteria from periodontal disease enters the bloodstream via the faulty gums. It may cause inflammation in other parts of your body, which may include your heart as well. Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease may be a direct result of this.

What makes things worse is that periodontal disease could point in the direction of diabetes. In a diabetic, the blood vessels are thickened. This would slow down the nutrient’s flow and block the way for removing the waste that is harmful to your system. This is generally one of the main reasons behind the gum’s tissue becoming weak in its resistance to infection.

If you’re fair and have salmon pink gums; or if you’re dark and have slightly darker gums, you’re doing fine. If your gums become red and swollen, or if they bleed after brushing, then it might be indication for worse to come.

2 – The Pot-ted Belly

Pot belly

During the Victorian times, a large belly was considered to be a direct indicator of prosperity and manliness. Wake up and smell the sunshine! We aren’t in the Victorian era anymore. The only things that a large pot belly will indicate is over-consumption of alcohol, heart problems, and internal inflammation.

The fat that has collected around your middle is more than just fat. It is, what is called, visceral fat. This is different from the fat deposits right under your skin. These sorts collect deep within your abdomen; and end up filling up the spaces between your organs. This can also lead to insulin resistance, which is a precursor to diabetes.

There is a simple way of knowing whether your belly fat is just plain fat or visceral fat. If you can’t pinch or grab a fold of fat, then its visceral fat.

In order to watch what you eat, a simple formula should come into play. Take your target weight; and multiply it by 11. That should be your calorie intake for the day. Add to this exercises that allow you to burn 2000 calories per week; and according to a Duke University study, it will allow you to reduce your visceral fat deposits by around 7%.