Exercise Ideas for People With Busy Lifestyles

Exercise Ideas for People With Busy Lifestyles

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Exercise Ideas for People With Busy Lifestyles

By Dave Townley
Many of us lead busy, hectic lifestyles and this is often the most common excuse for not exercising, but lack of spare time is not really a valid excuse at all. Although some individuals are extremely busy and successful, they can still manage to set aside time for exercise, even if they need to make certain sacrifices in other areas of their lives. Any sacrifices that we need to make do not need to be extreme – we do not need to affect the impact on our family or social life in order to maintain a regular exercise regime. We can, with organisation effort and planning, make it possible to fit in some form of exercise into our daily routine.

Here are some exercise ideas to fit in with a busy lifestyle:

Exercise Idea #1 – Multi-tasking.

We should try to find ways in which we can exercise in conjunction with performing other activities. We could walk to the supermarket, school, or work place instead of driving and take stairs rather than escalators in department stores. While walking the dog or just out for a country trek, we could use a voice recorder to record notes and ideas for work or home projects as well as dictate any speeches or reminders of upcoming events and important meetings. We could exercise while watching television by using a stationary bike, rowing machine, or step platform. Instead of meeting friends for coffee, we could try to encourage them to join us in an exhilarating walk. There are numerous ways to fit a few minutes of exercise in combination with our regular daily activities.

Exercise Idea #2 – Exercise early.

We should get into the habit of performing our workout session early in the morning where possible. If we do this, the rest of our daily tasks and activities can be executed without any feeling of guilt. If we wait until our daily routine is in full swing, we are likely to forgo our exercise in favour of more urgent, important commitments.

Exercise Idea #3 – Personal time.

Instead of looking on exercise as yet another chore or duty to fit into our already hectic day, we need to change our view so that we begin to see it as a welcome period of personal time where we can satisfy our own needs instead of dealing with everyone else’s. We will soon begin to look forward to this personal time to enjoy our workout and make these sessions high on our list of priorities.

If we are still reluctant to make any sacrifices or are resistant to fitting exercise into our daily routine, perhaps exercise ideas are not the answer. Maybe we are avoiding exercise simply because we just do not want to do it. Perhaps we have begun to see exercise as boring, exhausting or unpleasant and we need to look at other forms of exercise or other types of workouts. Some of us may worry that becoming fitter and losing weight may impact the way people in our life treat us, and we are comfortable and happy with the way things are right now.

Whatever excuses we make, we need to now that nothing will change until we convince ourselves that the benefits of a daily exercise regime are worth any sacrifices we have to make. Once we have committed to a daily workout plan, we will find it much easier maintain, no matter how busy or hectic our life is, or what obstacles we encounter along the way.

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