How to Choose the Best Nursing Homes That offer CNA Training

How to Choose the Best Nursing Homes That offer CNA Training

Dreaming about a noble profession? The medical industry has a lot to offer and that includes being a certified nursing assistant that offers, aside from a noble profession also come with a competitive salary. CNA’s provide direct patient care for both medical and non –medical and works under the supervision of a registered nurse.

To start with, education is vital. You need a formal training and pass the exam to be a certified nursing assistant. You need to find credible nursing homes that offer CNA training and mold you to become a CNA. Below are some potential institutions that offer free CNA classes in nursing homes:

  • Hospitals, nursing homes or long term care facilities conduct training for people who are ready to work for them for free during the training period. Get a list of these health care facilities or inquire through the State Board of Nursing and get a list of approved CNA training programs.

Some nursing home CNA training is offered free on the condition that you agree to work for the facility for a certain period of time.

  • CNA Scholarship Programs from the states Department of Public Health – you can enroll for a paid CAN program while the scholarship takes care of its costs.
  • Nursing home CNA classes are also offered in local community college or in any approved state program offered by the American Red Cross. Of course, you have to pay but the classes here are longer and training is more extensive.

The Training

The free training provided by CNA nursing home will include both written and clinical practice. For their programs to be approved, it must offer a minimum number of learning hours for nursing home CNA classes and hands-on applications.

CNA trainings revolve around real-world duties such as:

  • Taking vital signs and report any abnormalities
  • Assist the nurses with basic medical procedures
  • Assist patients in getting into and out of the bed
  • Assist patients in walking, ambulating and in their daily normal activities
  • Prepare the beds according to the medical setting standards
  • Monitors the patient’s conditions and make reports to any changes
  • Collects sterile and clean samples for laboratory testing
  • Provides the patient with the approved hygiene manner
  • Monitors the food and liquid input and output values of the patient

The State Certifying Tests

After the completion of the training, CNA aspirants are then required to sit for a state certifying test to become a certified nursing assistant. The exam covers both written and clinical aspect of the job. While the written aspect is founded on good common sense, it is advisable to review all your notes and handouts.

Over and above, choosing schools that offer CNA training really matters. It speaks volume on how you will end up after the training and exam. CNA training in nursing homes have got more edge since you are basically working on-site or schooling in the real world. Aside from the choosing the right nursing home facilities, you need to have the heart and be ready to put a smile on every patient’s face.