Information for Distributors

Information for Distributors

We are open to work with you as our distributor and provide support.

Our support will be as follows: we provide promotional literature, marketing materials in the form of electronic .pdf files, which you can copy to your computer and reprint. We will give you banners, that promote our products. We can provide phone and email support and respond to all your questions. We will help you to succeed if you are ready to do your work. We know one thing: we have very unique products that do really work very well, people need them and can''t get anywhere else.

You did not specify which particular product you have in mind to sell? Could you tell us about yourself? You don''t need to pay any up front fees to become our distributor. You could sell our products in a few different ways.

Our basic conditions:

  1. If you sell our E-books you will get 50% paid by Clickbank through our affiliate program.

  2. If you want to do Affiliate program on our tangible products you will make 10% (we will provide drop shipment).

  3. If you want to buy wholesale from us, see Information Package for price list (.pdf format), File # 81 Wholesale Price MY_POWER (1), File # 82 Wholesale Price Alozone-M (1), File # 83 Wholesale Price Fiber Max (1).

For Complete Information Package for Distributors (.pdf files) Go to :

For easy navigation all topics are sequentially located one after another in the same way as you would read a book.

Every file in the list can be individually downloaded to your computer in the Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf) format. Just click on the file that you are interested to read and in a few seconds it will be downloaded to your computer and opened on your screen. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your computer in order to read the files. This is the most popular format for reading and printing information. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your computer, you will need to download it for FREE at:

The process of selling tangible products and E-Book is different, because it is done through different companies and software. Tangible products:, E-Book: The calculations of commissions earned using our affiliate program is done by software using third party companies and you can have independent access to those companies web sites to check your statistics independently from our company, using your own user name and password. This guaranties that commissions for every sale that you make using our affiliate programs will be paid to you and you can check it 24/7 using your own user name and password via Internet by logging in not to our web sites, but to the third party companies that provide for us affiliate software process. This method provides complete honesty and integrity and allows you to feel comfortable In order to sell our products using our affiliate programs.

In order to promote our affiliate programs you don''t need to have your own web site, if you don''t have one, but you will need to give out to your potential clients who wants to by our products the URL addresses with your unique user Id in it, so the purchases could be traced in order to calculate your commissions. Also, you will need to have different set ups done to sell E-Book and tangible products. Therefore, your will need to use and promote 2 different URL''s to promote tangible products and an E-Book. How you want to promote those special URL''s is entirely up to you: family, friends, your connections, Internet, media, publications, etc.

The technical set up and instructions for affiliate programs will be provided to you.With regards,

Tel: 718-265-7163
Fax: 718-265-6206

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