Men And Gym Accidents

Men And Gym Accidents
Gym Accidents are the last thing you want on your way to attaining a great physique. But every now and then we keep hearing about them. These gym accidents we are talking about here are not mere accidents which happen by chance; on the contrary these are the incidents that happen, sometimes due to your negligence and some time due to the urge to attain great physique in no time.

If you look around in your Gym, you will find that not every person working out with you is following the instructions, some might be doing a little extra, and some might be doing little less, some even might be doing wrong thing on the wrong machine, and all these factors accounts to Gym accidents. These Gym accidents can easily turn your visit to the health club into an ER visit, and hence can not only affect your physical health, but also will affect your finances, mental health and precious time. Every year thousands of men fracture their body parts in the name of exercise, and end up getting a broken body part, instead of a well constructed catchy physique.

So here is a closer look at some of the general gym accidents that happens mainly with the men of the age group of 25-34, going to gym. The data listed below has been compiled by a vigorous study on a lot of gym goers from different part of the world and in different gyms of the world. So go through the data and understand the importance of doing right exercise.

Body part injured
  • Gym accidents

    Torso – 28%
  • Hips - 24%
  • Head è 11%
  • Hand è 15%
  • Arm – 5%
  • Foot – 13%
  • Leg - 4%
  • Other -1%
Cause Of Injuries
  • Gym injury

    Dropped weights – 66%
  • Hit themselves – 8%
  • Smashed between weights – 9%
  • Lost balance/fell – 3%
  • Overexertion – 9%
  • Lifting – 5%
Type of injuries
  • Sprain/strains – 52%
  • Fractures/dislocations – 10%
  • Soft tissue – 16%
  • Concussions – 2%
  • Lacerations – 7%
  • Hemorrhages – 1%
  • Other – 14%