PaceMaster Elliptical Review

PaceMaster Elliptical Review

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PaceMaster has been a leader in the treadmill industry for over forty years. They

make their entrance into the elliptical market with the introduction of the Silver

XT. There are several features that make this elliptical stand out compared to its

competition. The elliptical pattern is very smooth and natural with the unique drive

bar and glide bar design that is not seen on other Ellipticals. The body is kept

in a more upright position while performing your workouts rather than being pitched

forward like some Ellipticals (personal preference).

The solid base structure provides good durability to accommodate your vigorous

workouts. The foot pedals are very comfortable and have unique non-slip diamond plates.

The diamond plates help prevent undesired foot movement and your help keep your feet

from “falling asleep”. This is a great feature that will be beneficial to those who

have experienced numb toes on some cross trainers or stair climbers.

One of the nicest features on the Silver XT is the great selection of motivating

and challenging programs. One of our favorite programs is The Fat Coach. The Fat

Coach allows you to set a calorie goal and you can preview how long it will take

to accomplish this goal based on resistance and strides per minute. The good selection

of heart rate and interval programs will also keep your workouts challenging and

The console also has a separate window that displays strides per minute. You can

set a target goal and then make sure you keep up to that pace. This can make a big

difference in getting a good workout or getting a great workout. If you are shopping

for an upper mid-range elliptical, the PaceMaster Silver XT elliptical is a great

You can get more info/specs on the PaceMaster Silver XT here.

We rate the PaceMaster Silver XT elliptical trainer with a “Highly Recommended” rating.

Although its MSRP is $2,999, you can typically find this machine at or around the