Tips To Avoid senile

Tips To Avoid senile

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People who have insufficient vitamin D levels in the body, tend to be spared from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in old age. In addition to adequate levels of vitamin D, remains to be coupled with regular exercise activity.

Thus the results of research presented at the international conference on Alzheimer’s disease in Hawaii, USA. Alzheimer’s or dementia often occurs in people above the age of 60 years.

In a study conducted in the town of Framingham, United States, the investigators analyzed cardiovascular health and cognitive abilities of 1200 people aged 70 years. The study was conducted since 1948. Measurement of physical exercise has been carried out in 1986-1987.

After more than two decades of 242 respondents developed dementia, including 193 cases of Alzheimer’s.

Those who exercise with moderate to severe intensity, the risk of dementia was reduced by 40 percent. While those who do little exercise have a greater risk of disease, especially in men.

“This is a large-scale studies with long periods. In conclusion, do sports, at least in the medium intensity, effectively reducing the risk of dementia,” said Dr. Zaldy Tan, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston.

In both studies, researchers in the United Kingdom analyzed the 3325 people aged 65 years and over who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey National Third in America. The study refers to the measurement of vitamin D in cognitive abilities.

The researchers took samples of blood samples the respondents were then compared with tests of cognitive function including memory, orientation space and time, attention and concentration abilities. For those who have a value below 10 percent classified as suffering from cognitive impairment.

Those who have vitamin D deficiency, 42 percent higher risk of dementia and those with acute vitamin D deficiency, the risk is 394 percent higher.

“It seems likely increase the level of cognitive impairment is assumed to lack of vitamin D, consistent with the findings of previous European studies,” said David Llewellyn, of the University of Exeter Peninsula Medical School.

Naturally, the skin will produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. However, the majority of American adults are deficient in vitamin D because the skin is less productive in producing vitamin D due to aging and limited sun throughout the year.

If the unmet need for vitamin D from food and drink, it is advisable to take vitamin D supplements are available on the market. “Vitamin D supplements have been proven to be a safe, inexpensive and effective for treating vitamin D deficiency,” said Llewellyn.

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