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A below is article by Joanna if you are also interested in contributing you can contact us here: write for us

Martial Arts have been a part of my life for almost a decade.

I first became involved because my children wanted to be like Jackie Chan, so I took them along to a local class and, because it was parents and kids, we all did it together.

Two years later, they had both moved on to other hobbies whilst I found myself hooked.

As an anorexic, it was great for weight loss, with three full-on sweat sessions a week involving lots of co-ordinated arm, leg and core exercise but my body changed in a way that it never had as a result of aerobics classes.

The muscles became so much more pumped and defined. I grew a six-pack and my bottom was tight as a drum. I looked fabulous, but what I didn’t realise was the problems that I was setting up for the future.

Five years later, with a first degree black belt wrapped around my waist, I noticed sharp pains in the tops of my arms. After trying to train around the pain, I consulted a professional and was diagnosed with impingements in both shoulders.

It would seem that all those sit-ups had distorted my body shape and pulled my trunk forwards, altering the angle of my neck and shoulders and creating the beginnings of a dowager’s hump. Continually hitting things just compounded the problem.

That’s when I discovered yoga and Pilates. At first I wondered how I was going to be satisfied with such apparently gentle exercise, but then I started to understand. Yoga is an on-going study that will last for the rest of my life and Pilates is a skill that needs to be learned if you want to retain optimum movement into old age.

Both work the body just as aerobically as my previous sweat sessions but in a much more focused way. Slow movements into asana that are held for a period of time require just as much effort from specific muscle groups as their more energetic martial counterparts.

I think this was brought home to me most forcibly last week when two new young males came to my Pilates class. Both in their 20s, they seemed to struggle to do even the most basic level of core strength exercises and were most perturbed to notice that ladies who were old enough to be their grandmother were managing without difficulty. It was most revealing.

What I’ve learned from my studies and what I notice in my body is that repeating the yoga postures or Pilates exercises every day has changed my body once again.

The definition is still there, but it is softer, less pumped and, therefore, less damaging because each muscle works in conjunction with the rest of the body rather than being exercised individually. There is no knock-on effect from over-stimulating one set of muscle fibres to the detriment of another.

For the first time in years I am standing up straight and, if you take a look at any of the photographs on my site, you’ll know that my body is in fabulous shape.

Joanna Cake writes about love, sex, intimacy, parenting, health and everything else that life has to throw at her in her blog at Having My Cake and Eating It Too

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A guest post by Mandi Titus is you are interested in contributing to living the healthy way: contact us.

Running seems to be something that everyone has an opinion about. You either love it or hate it. I’ve been an on-again-off-again runner throughout my life. Starting in high school I ran for the cross country team and then in college decided to do several 5K races for fun and fitness. My bucket list has included running a marathon since I knew what a marathon was. I remember being intrigued and delighted as a child to hear about my mother’s friend that was training for a marathon. She ran for hours at a time, lost weight (and some toenails), and raised money for a good cause. I thought about a marathon being in the distant future, something that I would eventually do in my mid-life to prove I was still young. Then I started to realize that there is no better time to train than the present. I’m well into my training now and at twenty-six, I’m in the best shape of my life. I can run faster and longer now than I could at sixteen. The decision to start long distance running and the process of getting to your goal can be hard but you can be successful. Here are some helpful tips:

Give yourself plenty of time. Look for a race about a year away. If you do not currently run, look for a shorter race first. Sign up for a 5K first and give yourself at least 8 weeks to train. If you can run 3 miles already sign up for a 10K or Half Marathon and give yourself plenty of time to build up your running ability. If you are a regular runner of shorter races set a Marathon date about 6 months away.

Don’t over do it. Do your research about training. Do NOT train too hard or fast especially if you are a new runner. Injuries can cause huge setbacks. I’ve witnessed other women my age run too hard and end up having to sit out for weeks or months to heal. Give yourself plenty of time to build mileage and speed so that you don’t end up over doing it.

Eat Well. Pay attention to what you eat and stay hydrated. Do a little research about which foods will give you energy and how many calories you should eat. It is important to eat healthy especially when running long distances. As I began increasing my mileage I struggled to eat the right amount of calories. There are several online food journals that calculate your calorie intake and output on a daily basis. I used Calorie Counter in the beginning to get a feel of how much I should be eating.

Get involved. It also helps to join an online running forum or subscribe to running publications to get new information and talk with others about your experiences. Local running clubs are also helpful. You can get valuable information about apparel and shoes, safety, racing tips, motivation, nutrition, injury prevention, and from more experienced runners.

Have fun running! Find a friend to train with or go to different locations for your long distance runs. A new area will help with the boredom of a long run. Running to music helps as well, especially upbeat music, which can help you increase speed.

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Three Must-Do Tips to Get Summer-Ready in a Hurry

A great guest post Liberty Kontranowski. Are you interested in contributing? Write for us

Don’t look now, but summer is fast approaching. And, like it or not, with the heavenly warm weather comes the obligatory ritual of peeling off one’s clothing. Shorts, tank tops, swim suits – they’re all in the cards. So the big question is…is your body ready?

If your physique isn’t quite up to snuff, no worries. Check out these quick tips for summertime splendor (and abide by them!) and you’ll be dying to sport those skimpy threads in no time.

You really are what you eat – It’s true that with the warm weather comes an abundance of fabulous picnic foods. But Big Summer Mistake #1 is turning a blind eye to the hidden calories found in those yummy high fat summer foods. Warm weather delicacies like hot dogs, mayo-based salads (potato, macaroni, cole slaw) and even frozen cocktails are all loaded with cals and promise to do a number on your waistline in a hurry. Stick with grilled chicken, fish, and vegetables, fresh fruit, and water mixed with flavored seltzer and your swimsuit will thank you.

Exercise your body…and your mind – Naturally, exercise goes with the territory if a firm physique is what you crave. But sometimes we need to face the fact that we just aren’t destined to rock a bikini like Gisele Bundchen. This is where you have to start exercising your mind; that is, psyching yourself up to accept what you will look like in your beach-combing finest. If there are certain areas you’re more sensitive about than others, by all means, work on them. But if you know that no matter how many lunges you suffer through, those saddlebags you inherited from Aunt Irma and your darling mother are going nowhere fast, then accept that fact and select clothing and swimwear accordingly. Cliché or not, this really is all about loving the skin you’re in.

Get the skinny – Preparing for the summer season isn’t just about watching your weight. You need to get your skin in tip-top shape too, since much of it will be front-and-center for months on end. Drinking plenty of water will keep you cool and hydrated in the warm weather and is great for your skin. Pay close attention to your neck, back and shoulders while you’re cleansing, especially if your hair is long and sits upon your skin for long periods of time. And of course, always remember to slick on a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 for maximum protection.

Summer isn’t the time for solitude, so getting yourself ready for the skimpy fashions of the season will take a little preparation and dedication. Giving up your Fat Food Nation membership card, flexing your muscles (both body and mind) and getting the skinny on getting great skin can set you on the path to hot weather happiness. But remember, as important as these things are, don’t forget to take the time to live in the moment, make conscious decisions and enjoy!

Liberty Kontranowski is a freelance writer and blogger with hundreds of articles published online and in print, covering everything from sexual health to parenting to beauty, fashion, entertainment and more. Liberty is the newest member of the Secure Medical team providing the highest quality articles to, a safe and reputable online pharmacy.

Living the healthy way is looking for you

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I, now have the wii fit plus which is so much fun and spot on.  This is where I will update on my progress on Wii Fit plus, later today I am going to set up a routine.  I would love for the series to become interactive, so feel to join the discussion and your experiences. I am also to publishing a original review on the product if you would like to write one. You can contact me at: Write a Wii Fit Plus personal experience review.

Enjoy my journey with me and check back offer to see what is happening!!!

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Running Doesn’t Equal Freedom to Indulge

Here is another guest post. If you would like to be a guest blogger for Living the Healthy way then you can contact me here via my other blog: Write for us

I’m a runner, one who trains for long distance races like 10-milers, ½ marathons and marathons. My typical base mileage is in the 40- to 45-mile per week range, higher when prepping for marathons. You’d think that all that running would mean the freedom to eat just about anything I want without gaining weight. Well, you’d think wrong!

While running, and other forms of calorie-burning exercises like it, is a great way to fire up the metabolism, it doesn’t give you free reign at the buffet line. In fact, I’ve learned that because I’m so active, it’s even more important to fuel my body with healthy foods in reasonable quantities.

I use a sensible approach to my nutrition. If you’re new to running or other endurance sports, here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to your diet:

Eat enough healthy carbs to fuel your efforts

Use protein to recover from long or hard training sessions

Incorporate calcium—especially if you are female—to help keep your skeletal system strong

Keep sweets, alcohol, and mindless extra snacking in check

With a no nonsense approach to your nutrition, you’ll find that you have the energy you need for your workouts, without the extra calories you don’t.

Amanda Loudin is a freelance writer and runner. She’s also in the process of becoming a certified running coach through Road Runner Clubs of America (RRCA).You can find more interesting and useful information on her blog: Misszippy

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