A bitter pill to swallow

A bitter pill to swallow
If you’re popping Viagra regularly in order to get up and running, think again. Studies have found that those that take the hugely popular Erectile Dysfunction drug have a far greater likelihood of getting infected by Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) such as AIDS. Perhaps there is more here than meets the eye as the possibility of infection was shown to be higher even in the year prior to the prescription being given which is suggestive of risky behavior being the trend rather than the exception.

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It’s not just the young ’uns that are sexually at their personal Everest that need to be made aware of the risks either. Results reveal that even middle-aged men are at great risk and coud do well to get some advice on how to avoid being infected and being a carrier of STD’s. Most of these STD’s are fatal in nature and with no known cure in existence and so safety and awareness is the best way of negating its spread. Those suffering from Erectile Dysfunction displayed a higher propensity to catch diseases such as HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis in the year preceding their prescription being sanctioned and a strange correlation was found between those taking these drugs and the presence of a deadly cocktail of STD’s within their system.

Statistically speaking, out of every 100,000 men surveyed, the rates of having HIV by those not taking an Erectile Dysfunction prescription drug was 66.5 men out of the population while this figure more than doubled to 147.2 men of the population that did ingest these drugs. It gets even worse when speaking about Chlamydia for the number of those that have that STD without taking an Erectile Dysfunction drug was pegged at 15 per 100,000 which triples to 41 that are on medication. As much as 40 percent of men ranging

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from an age of 57 to 85 are prone to displaying some degree of Erectile Dysfunction. There is a growing worry among the medical community that inhibitors such as Viagra are quickly becoming a lifestyle drug even among those not suffering any sort of dysfunction, which was not a part of its original design.

There is an increasing degree of promiscuity found in the ranks of those that do take Viagra or any equivalent and this news is a bit of a better pill to swallow. Perhaps indicative of the fact that older men with ED consider sexual activity an important part of their identity and are therefore at greater risk, but the biggest thing to take away from this is the laxity with which some practitioners sanction prescriptions, and it is time doctors took their Hippocratic Oath seriously and talked to patients before prescribing drugs. Prevention is better than cure.