Providing Phone & Internet Counseling at YOUR Convenience

In today''s fast pace world Internet and telephone counseling is becoming a great way to gain access to mental health professionals at your convenience.

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Phone counseling is one of the fastest growing forms of counseling, and with a cell phone in almost everyone''s pocket, its easy

Call today to talk to a licensed professional counselor, in the privacy of your own home. Its easy and effective.

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Are you looking for a licensed professional mental health therapist who is able to guide you toward therapeutic solutions in your life, and Is flexibility in scheduling to meets your schedule?

Do you desire a high level of discretion, so you want to work with someone out of your area?

If so, Cellphonecounseling.com counseling is for you.

My name is Steven K Stacy I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, and nationally Board Certified Therapist. I worked as an Associate Psychologist for 15 years with the Department of Mental Health, I have been in private practice for 20 years and a certified Red Cross Mental Health Manager. I provide In-Home home health care mental health services, Yeap I make house calls. However, to meet the needs of those who desire more flexibility and privacy, I regularly provide telephone counseling services by telephone, through celphonecounseling.com

Phone counseling is convenient & more confidential than when meeting in an office.

By using phone counseling services, you are able to schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you.

You choose where you are during the session, and its available anywhere in the United States.

Telephone counseling provides the ultimate in privacy, flexibility, and discretion.

Once Scheduled I will call you at the date and time of your appointment for your counseling session. I use AT&T so if you have AT&T there is no charge on your phone.

I use an Eclectic approach that works with Children and Adults. In addition to being licensed by the State of Missouri in counseling, I am a nationally board certified therapist. The fee for phone counseling services is

$75 for 45 minutes sessions, and $ 39.95 for 25 minutes sessions. For limited Time we are offering a first time user special 15 minute consulting session for ½ price ONLY $9.95 normally 19.95

When you contact us as about the special first time user ½ price rate Promo Code # 382548 .

Payment for telephone therapy services is made in advance through paypal.com You can Make credit/debit card payments WITHOUT being a member of pay pal. To Schedule an Appointment Call 573-714-7848 or send your request to scheduleappointment@cellphonecounseling.com. Once we get your order we will send you a payment invoice, so you can pay through pay pal with credit/debit card. You will be able to pay With or Without being a member of pay pal with this Invoice, than we can schedule an appointment. Once payment is received your READY the appointment can be schedule

Contacting me:

Please call or e-mail. I''m looking forward to hearing from you.

cell phone: 573-714-7848 customerservice@celphonecounseling.com

Sen request for payment invoice to


Counseling can be used for ADHD/ADD,Divorce/Separation Children, Grief Loss, Adolescents ,Addiction ,Disabilities Marriage and Relationships Abuse Depression Men''s Issues Aging/Caring for the AgingEating Disorders Parenting Anger Management Family Therapy Self Esteem Anxiety and Panic Fears and Phobias Sexuality Issues AdoptionGay and Lesbian Issues Spirituality Issues Addiction and Recovery Trauma Therapy/PTSD Children HIV and AIDS Women''s IssuesCommunication Impulse Disorders

Adolescents Abuse Aging/Caring for the Aging Anger ManagementAnxiety and Panic Adoption Addiction and Recovery ChildrenCommunication Divorce/Separation Dealing with Disabilities DepressionEating Disorders Family Therapy Fears and Phobias Gay and Lesbian Issues Grief Loss HIV and AIDS Impulse Disorders Infertility/PregnancyMarriage and Relationships Men''s Issues Parenting Self EsteemSexuality Issues. Issues Trauma Therapy/PTSD Women''s Issues

Internet and Phone Counseling is not meant to completely replace face to face counseling but to supplement it. There is very powerful psycho-educational aspect in receiving Internet or phone counseling. The biggest problem is that therapist can’t observe the clients behaviors/body language that ALL psychologist licensed and certified therapist are trained to observe a clients behaviors and utilize it as part of their assessment. Without this Internet or phone counseling will never be able to be that same as face to face counseling, However there is a LOT to gain form these forms of counseling and 1000s of individuals have benefited from phone counseling. After researching some of the information about phone and Internet counseling we can provide this service for you by trained, licensed, & certified Therapist, providing quality phone counseling.

The fee for phone counseling services is
$75 for 45 minutes sessions, and $ 39.95 for 25 minutes sessions. For limited Time we are offering a first time user special 15 minute consulting session for ½ price ONLY $9.95 normally $19.95
When you contact us as about the special first time user ½ price rate Promo Code # 382548 .

Phone Counseling is becoming one of the fastest ways that many people are receiving counseling services today. It is effective, discrete Covenant, and can fit about anybodies schedule.

It can supplement face to face therapy, or be used alone. Most therapist suggest utilizing face to face counseling along with the phone counseling. Therapist are trained to observe a clients body language, so with phone counseling this is not possible unless video counseling is being used.

If you are interested in knowing more email your questions or call 573-714-7848 (QUIT).

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