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A warm welcome to you all; we hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and find it informative, as well as entertaining.


We are delighted to reproduce a Letter of Testimony recently received from a longstanding customer (in fact, our very first!). We occasionally receive them and thank the senders for taking the time and trouble; but, as this one has such a special significance, we wanted to share it with you:

Date: 25th March 2007.

Dear Richard,

I am writing to say thank you for the Herbalife products you have introduced and allowed me to sample before buying.

My mind goes back to August 2005 Bank Holiday Monday. At that time, I was feeling very low and tired; my sleep pattern had been reduced to 3 - 4 hours a night for the previous 4 months. You suggested I try Niteworks. I used the Niteworks that same night and the next morning I awoke after a full night''s restful sleep, fully energised and feeling so much better.

I have used your other recommendations since then (Liftoff, Toner, Shapeworks, et al) and have had the same astounding degree of success.

Why do I say ''astounding degree of success''? The answer is because I was very sceptical about herbal/ food based products and the claims made for them. As you have told me many times: "The products are the stars, all I do is supply them - they sell themselves". How very much I agree - the products are the stars and thank you for introducing me to them.

Kind regards,

Mrs Lxxxxxx Hxxxxxx

Mrs L H, Westbury on Trym, Bristol.

(No further comment is necessary - Mrs H says it all - Ed)


We have some really fantastic articles for you this month. The first is a literal ''tour de force'' from our great friend, Charles Crisp. His article is the first in a series he is writing on Work from Home. We cannot praise his article too highly - it is such a concise yet informative piece of writing that anyone who has considered working from home, should make a point of reading and printing for future reference or pass on to their friends, etc. Charles has very kindly allowed us to reproduce it along side our own article in our affiliated Work from Home website. We are so concerned that this article should be read by as many people as possible, we have included references to it in our regular blogs and other newsletters. We have followed most, if not all, of his advice in setting up our own ventures and can testify to the wisdom of his words. Well done, Charles, we look forward to reading and publishing more of your articles.

The second article is a heart rending item that has been in the news recently - we have reproduced The Times piece on page three. We strongly urge you to read the item as it is truly inspirational to us all; it reminds each and everyone of us, that in the face of defeat and overwhelming odds, to keep on fighting and don''t give up! It is the story of a little boy who became completely paralysed. The condition is so rare that the doctors named it after him - Bingham syndrome. But, the good news is that the doctors are confident that they have found the cause and, hopefully, the remedy - we wish Timothy and his family all the best for a complete recovery. We will keep you updated as and when we have more news. Late Bad News - we approached The Times before publishing this article, they have since communicated with us and allowed us to publish it but at a cost of £232 per month. This is a cost we cannot bear for any length of time. This means that as at 3rd April 2007, we have had to delete this very interesting and moving article for commercial reasons. We hope you understand and we are sorry for the disappointment caused to those readers who haven''t had a chance to view this inspiring item.(Ed)

Our third and final article is related to our new venture (mentioned in last month''s issue). Whilst setting up our new range we came across Emu Oil. This is was something we hadn''t heard of before, but, evidently it is a very popular anti-aging preparation (and, yes, we''ve added Emu Oil to our product range). We investigated further and came across the article explaining this antipodean wonder and its properties.

Last, but by no means least, next month sees our first anniversary issue (tempus fugit* is so apt in this case). We have some super items lined up for you (some of which, we had to carry over from last month because of the last minute news we shared with you), plus some very funny links to celebrate our first birthday in newsletter publishing. As a special treat, we will (in the words of the late Ian Richardson as the PM in the ''House of Cards'' trilogy) be putting ''a bit of stick about''!

* Tempus Fugit =
1) Time flies
2) It''s also the name of Dan Dare''s spaceship (those of a certain vintage will remember this trivial fact!)

Suggestions for articles, etc for inclusion in future issues are very welcome and will be seriously considered.

Special Promotions

Lift Off

This product is an energy booster drink which, we have been told, has an added benefit in that it is supposed to improve the short term memory. We can''t substantiate the last bit but what we can assure our customers is that, like the rest of our product range, this is a food-based energy drink. Please email us at for details.

Quiz Fun

How much do you know about nutrition? Click here, download and print the quiz (it comes complete with the answers) and have some fun testing yourself and, perhaps, your friends. (This would be good to do over Xmas when the TV programmes are sure to be diabolical!!)

Moving on:

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