There is a deep and rich history surrounding the practices of dana, tithing, volunteering and other means of offering supportive service. In a nutshell, generosity is good for your health, it''s good for the community, it''s good for your spirit, and good for your sense of connection to others.

This year, I felt strongly called to incorporate a practice of focused community generosity into my business. (Note: this is separate from my personal ongoing commitments of service to family and friends.) I am doing this by picking an organization or cause and committing to serve them by offering a certain number of days/hours of volunteerism, making a monthly donation, and/or spreading the word about who they are, what they do and ways for others to get involved and support them, as well.

This year, my focus is on San Francisco''s Homeless Prenatal Program. I first learned about them several years ago after completing my doula training when I was looking for a place to offer time and a way to develop my skills as a doula.

In the last couple years, I have been fortunate to volunteer with them a couple times in a non-doula related capacity.

I have since moved to a community an hour away, so my focus has been on spreading the word and maintaining my commitment to make a monthly donation. The money will be spent anyway. It''s a good feeling to know that I''m directing the flow in a good direction.

You can visit their homepage for more information about how to volunteer or donate.