If you want a quick way

If you want a quick way

If you want a quick way to reduce fat and lose weight without the help of diet pills, then you ma try this fast becoming popular weight loss recipe involving nothing more than honey and cinnamon.

Note that there is no scientific proval that by combining honey and cinnamon together you will lose weight. But, since there are two natural ingredients that most people have in tehir homes and you are not required of any drastic diet meausre to follow, why not try it for yourself? There is nothing to lose after all.

Here is the main recipe to follow if you want to use cinnamon and honey for losing weight:

  1. 1. 1 tblsp. of honey;
  2. 2.1/2 tblsp. of cinnamon and
  3. 3. 1 cup water.

Here are the instruction for this weight loss recipe:

  • First put the water in a pan and let it boil.
  • Once it started to boil, put the honey and cinnamon in the boiling water. Stirr for a little bit, then take it out and let it cool.
  • Half the amount of honey cinnamon mixture into two storage boxes.
  • You can prepare it in the evening for the next day and so on.

You have to drink half of it before breakfast and half at night time.

While there is no scientific proof that honey or cinnamon or a combination of both are your magic solution for reducing fat and get a slim body, there is absolutely no eidence why you should not try it.

There are multiple variations of this home weight loss recipe. Some simply uses just cinnamom, while others just honey, particularly raw honey. Others suggest you should not put honey into boiling water as it distroys the nutrients of honey, hence it has less weight loss benefits for you.

One common question regarding this type of diet recipe is which type or cinnamon to use as there are several types on the market. Firstly, you need powderred cinnamon. Depending from which country the herb is imported, you have Indian cinnamon, Indonesian Cinnamon, Qassia type and Vietnamese cinnamon. The later is thought to be the best cinnamon for weight loss.

Who Should Not Use Cinnamon Honey Recipe For Weight Loss?

If you are allergic to honey or you are a person having diabetes, then you should, off course, avoid using this type of diet. Well, it is not really a diet, just a weight loss drink to supplement your weight loss efforts.