Is your child eating right?

Is your child eating right?

Our children are our bundle of joy, and we always want what’s best for them. We work hard to buy them new clothes, great toys and even the most expensive gaming console; but we forget about their health. Sure, you give them medication when they’re sick, but health is not all about that. Health has a lot to do with giving them the best nutrition, which a lot of parents seem to overlook.

Children, especially the young ones are very picky eater. But sometimes, the problem is also with the parents. Often, we are too busy that we’re too tired minding what our kids eat, or we have poor eating habits ourselves. Studies have shown that children with poor eating habits are more likely to keep the habit when they grow up, which often leads to health conditions such as diabetes and obesity. It’s time that you help your kid eat right, and you can start by following the weight loss tips below.


If you store junk foods such as potato chips, cookies and soda, chances are that’s all your kid will ever eat. Kids wanting junk foods are one thing, but making it easy for them to get one is another. If you are serious about making your kids eat healthy foods, start storing them. Instead of potato chips for a snack, make him a bowl of tortilla chips instead. You can even top it with ground beef and cubed carrots and peas to make it healthier. Just remember that your kid have nowhere else to go when he’s hungry, and he’ll just have to eat healthy food if that’s all he can find in the pantry.

Young kids love to play, and they’re more likely to eat fruits and vegetables if you make meal time fun. When you serve a plate of salad for example, shred the lettuce to make them look like grass, and arrange the fish so that they look like clouds. Arrange them in a creative way on the plate, and I’m sure your kid would just love them! You can also tell a story while he’s eating like “ok, now the powerful elf king wants to eat the clouds!” and you go ahead and feed him the fish. It sure takes a lot of effort, but seeing that your child is starting to eat healthy foods is well- worth it.