Love Live Health and Fitness

Love Live Health and Fitness
My Pledge

My battle with sugar has been a long one. But for 2015, today has been a good day. No sugar for the whole day. I don’t remember when last I went a day without succumbing to my chocolate, brownie, sugar cravings.. I am very proud of this. Now to keep going.
I have read from many sources that the best and only real way to kick the sugar monster to the curb, is to go cold turkey on its ass!
I’ve also heard that sugar is about as addictive as drugs like cocaine. Scary stuff…
I am not cutting it out of my life completely, by this I mean I will still eat fruits, honey etc which contains natural sugar. Let’s see how my fight with the sugar monster goes…

12 Tips to quit sugar:

I found a great post from TodaysMama with some useful tips to help you quit. To summarise:

  1. Admit you’re an addict.
  2. Define sugar – What is sugar? Outline exactly what’s off limits and what you CAN have.
  3. Get it out of your house.
  4. Look for hidden culprits – Low fat yogurt is often sweetened and contains loads of sugar.
  5. Give it 2 weeks (OK, lets be honest, 3) – it is commonly said that it takes 21 days to break a habit, lets see if the same applies to an addiction.
  6. Drink lots of water
  7. Treat yourself – Quitting sugar doesn’t mean that you can’t have “treats” in your life.
    • Dark Chocolate
    • Frozen Berries
    • Apple & Almond butter are to name a few
  8. Skip the replacements – I agree with TodaysMama that cooking up the same treats just with sugar substitutes, doesn’t necessarily make it healthy.
  9. Plan before you go out to eat
  10. Involve your family
  11. Start a pool/challenge
  12. One step at a time

To add no. 13 – You’ll Fall Off the Wagon, Just Don’t Blow the Wagon Up! We are all only human and we make mistakes, the biggest mistake you can make is be like “well I’ve blown it, I ate a piece of the slab of chocolate, I may as well make it worth it and eat the slab” – NO! Don’t!