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When a good friend of mine inquired where he could obtain information about medical insurance for his out-of-state, elderly mother, I told him to try the Internet. Health Insurance For Seniors On The Net

When a good friend of mine inquired where he could obtain

information about medical insurance for his out-of-state,

elderly mother, I told him to try the Internet.He reported back to me about a week later, in desperation: "I am

giving up, I am too confused." He had taken on an overwhelming

project with his widowed mother, living in another state.As the

only child, and following the sudden death of his father, it was

his responsibility to care for his mother. Medical Insurance com/">Travel Medical Insurance

for Visitors to Canada.Article originally published The cost of Bariatric surgery can be quite high. The typical price of an operation can be ,000 or more. Medical insurance coverage varies by state and insurance provider, and although some states have legislation in place that requires insurers to offer weight loss surgery for patients, providing it meets health criteria laid down by the National Institutes of Health, other states do not. This means that patients who would benefit from bariatric surgery often have to contend with providers that have not yet accepted that this kind of weight loss surgery can deliver powerful medical benefits that will save them money in the long run. A patient encountering this problem may have to work with his or her surgeon to prove to the health insurance provider that the proposed surgery is not a cosmetic procedure, but a potentially life-saving operation that will minimize future health problems. Whats the best medical insurance or medicare for a single person? Whats the best medical insurance or medicare for a single person? Because I dont seen nothing out there for me. See I try to get some kind of medical insurance, they say I make to much money and if I wasnt single that it would of been easy for me. I just dont know, can any one help.

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Medicare is only available if you are over 65 or have been drawing disability for over 2 years from Social Security. It has nothing to do with income. If you applied for medical insurance from an insurance company, you could not make too much to get it. I dont understand your question. If you applied for Medicaid, which is based on income, you could make too much for that, so I suggest you go to and check rates for medical insurance. It will depend on your age and health as to how expensive it is and if you can qualify. Have no medical insurance.What am i to do now that im hurt? I broke my ankle and now i cant work for 6 weeks.My job wont pay me for my time off and i have no insurance to pay for my doctor visits and so on.My family is willing to help if i cant pay for my medical bills and doctor visits plus now therapy.Need to know what i can do to get some of those bills half off or something.I now have no job until i heal.Any ideas anyone.Im in the need of good info right now.

Nothing you can do. You will get bills. Pay what you can even if it is a month once your back to work. As long as you are making an effort to pay, they cant really sue you for it. They can try, but I recently went through a similar situation, and the judgement was suspended and is not on my credit report because I made payments all along, and will continue to do so, until I can pay it off. Aside from that in the future when your back to work either find a job with benefits or check out some alternatives. Try they have some pretty reasonable rates for uninsured people. just go to the hospital. let them know you dont have insurance. they can set you up with a long term payment plan. it sucks to know that youll be paying on it for a long time, but its better than having permanent ankle pain, and a limp.

also, be sure to go over your bills with a fine tooth comb. if you have questions about anything youre being billed for, call and ask what it is. if it didnt happen, or its an item you didnt recieve, you can dispute it. doing this will lower your bill. they always charge you for things that didnt actually happen. its a way to get more out of insurance. Does medical insurance cover abortion? If not, how much does one cost? Dont get me wrong, I am against abortion with every ounce of my being. I was just wondering does medical insurance cover this and if not is it expensive?

So people cover this medical procedure for free? And yes, every ounce of my being, meaning I am 100% AGAINST abortion.

it is indeed very very very would cost you your life and your soul.conscience as well. Every ounce of your being? You can get abortions for free.

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