My journey of discovery to permanent weight loss

My journey of discovery to permanent weight loss

It was the middle of January, the height of summer and I wanted ice cream. I had come in my weight loss journey to health as far as wanting to make sugar free ice cream. I also wanted a kitchen appliance that could do things like make flour, grind nuts into nut flour etc to make my own homemade healthy treats so I was looking at the Thermomix that also ‘made ice cream’. When I looked at how it did it, it blended the ingredients, you put them in the freezer then when frozen, you scoop it into the Thermomix and blend again. I thought that for $2000, there might be an alternative and I found the Vitamix blender at half the price.

I ordered it from where it came in a package with some other items. They included a book called ‘Green For Life’ by Victoria Boutenko and a DVD ‘Hungry for Change’. (I recommend both as essential to your weight loss journey).

Meet the GREEN SMOOTHIE invented by Victoria!! This was my next Magic Pill! I had no idea that the Vitamix is well known for the green smoothie.

The Green Smoothie is a combination of green vegetables, fruit and water. It is designed to get more nutrition into your body, great, as this is what I needed to keep my hormones from keeping me fat. My basic Green Smoothie blend is 2 cups of water, a banana and 2 apples then fill the Vitamix container up with green veggies such as kale, spinach and/or very green leaf lettuce. You can also add some nutritional boosters such as some sprouts or green powders like Green Barley, Chlorella and Spirulina. It doesn’t taste yuck as the fruit nicely adds sweetness that makes it quite easy to drink and if 3 pieces of fruit are not enough for you, then just add another.

I read the book, watched the video and started Green Smoothies (I’d make one full jug and have it after my juice).

The Magic Pill is this – most people who are overweight eat a lot of processed food, meat, dairy and carbohydrate food and very little fruit and vegetables. They find it hard to eat fruits and vegetables as they don’t taste that good. Green Smoothies allowed my own body to start to CRAVE MORE RAW FRUIT AND VEGETABLES!!.

This was AN AMAZING DISCOVERY and it made my weight loss journey easier.