Oh my aching body!

Oh my aching body!

Last week I started the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout. It is based off dance and pilates movements and is kinda jerky in some spots. My joints are complaining a little more than normal. I’m hoping that this is just from starting a different type of program and the aching will go away, if not good bye workout program.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that particular program of hers is a bad program. My body has been abused a little more than those pampered celebs. I need to take care of my body little better and pamper my joints. I can’t afford to be laid up due to fitness injuries or I will wind up packing back on all that weight I worked so hard to lose.

That is the one thing I like with the Team Beachbody workout programs, they are designed for regular people like you and me. ChaLEAN Extreme was the first program that I used. I was able to lose a grand total of 30lbs and no aching joints.

The only changes I made to my eating habits were smaller plates and controlling the late night snacking. Even with those small changes I was able lose a significant amount of weight.

I’m so freaking happy that I’ve lost this amount but bummed to the fact that I have plateaued in my weight loss. My next workout program is starting on February 15th. I have thighs, hips, and a booty that need to be tamed and I’m hoping that by starting a new program with different moves I will drop more weight.

Enough complaining, off to find a cure for what ails me. I’ll let you know when I find something that actually works.