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how do you play tennis….basics…tips…everything…thx!anything you know..

okay..well what are the begininer things to know…..MR RUDE!

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To vague to be bothered to answer!!!

Ok I will give you three basics methods you need to start with before you start playing:

1. Well first things first, you will need to know what grip you are comfortable with. There are mainly five grips for your forehand: Eastern, Western, Semi-Western, and Continental.

Here’s a site that shows you pictures of which part of the racquet you need to grab to use the 5 grips. Remember to click on NEXT and PREVIOUS to see all 5 pictures. Read a bit too.

Personally, I use the Western grip, for topspin, while most other players (and pros too) use a semi-western for power. Beginners mainly use Eastern but I recommend you start with Western or Semi-western so you can have a good start in learning the advanced techniques. My coach taught me this grip and didn’t even showed me the beginner grip.

As for backhand, I use a two-hander and avoid using the one-hander due to the fact that you get more power while generating spin. Use a one-handed backhand when you volley (strike the ball before it bounces when you are near the net) or when you want to slice ( gives the ball backspin which I will show you in a video).

2. Your swings. It’s hard for me to describe this to you so I will show you videos later on. Basically to generate topspin you will need to start your swing with your hand, holding the racquet, behind you and under your waist. That way when you strike the ball you go from LOW TO HIGH ending the follow through over your shoulder. This will make the racquet brush the ball and give it TOPSPIN. Remember that you strike the ball forward and in front of you.

Basically you will get the hang of your swings if you keep striking the ball. You will gain consistency and make less mistakes after a while. It will also feel comfortable for you too :P.

Here are the videos I promised you:

Djokovic hitting the ball with Western Grip:

(Note that he ended his swing across the shoulder instead of over-the-shoulder like I told you, That is because he did not want spin in his shots and instead wanted power.)

Andy Roddick hitting the ball with somewhere between semi-western and western grip:

(Note he started his swing not under his waist but behind his head to give more energy to his strike.)

Here is a video of the PERFECT two-handed backhand used by Carlos Moya. Memorize his follow through, especially where he starts and ends.

As for the slice, here is another video of a perfect baseline slice, remember that your swing changes as you get closer to the net. This is when you should use a one handed backhand for a change and the point of hitting it like this is to instead of giving topspin (brushing from low to high on a ball) you give the opposite, backspin, (brushing from high to low). The backspin keeps the ball from moving forward after it bounces to confuse the opponent and make a dropshot. If you use a western grip for your forehand, it is basically very energy-consuming to slice on your forehand so you should avoid using a forehand slice.

3. SERVES ARE THE HARDEST PART IN TENNIS!! Mainly due to the fact that you need to be consistent with it (otherwise you lose half your matches :P). It is so important in tennis that I will post videos of a tennis instructor teaching you. The grip you should be using to serve is the Continental grip, which is how you should grip your 2-handed backhand with your right hand.

Here’s how you need to First Serve (Serve before a match starts).

Here is how you should second serve ( serving when you miss you first serve):

When you get the hang of the serve and get consistent with your swinging. I will gaurantee that your school would be dying to have you into their tennis lineup.

take tennis lesson or like a tennis class

so practice your serve a lot

Read “Tennis for Dummies” by Patrick McEnroe. No answer you get here will be enough. Taking a beginner class will be a hundred times more helpful than reading anything - especially a short answer found here.

Forehand- one handed stroke. if rightie use right hand to hold bottom of the grip and swing. Lefties turn to your left and use left hand and swing

Backhand- used with 2 hands for beginners, for rightes right hand on bottom left on top. lefties turn to your right and left on bottom right on top and swing.

Forehand volley- used at the net. Approach the net and turn right sideways and with raket let ball bounce of the racket NOTE: will create more power if not swung!

backhand volley- used at the net. turn left sideways, with both hands (like back hand) hold racket up and let ball bounce off racket.

There thats the basics strokes. But if you want more things like the grips, serves, overheads, scoring, lobs, and others email me at! hope this helps!

your forehand grip is similar to a hand shake. it is hit with one hand, usually your dominant one

your backhand is usually hit with two. your dominant hand is at the bottom of the grip with your other hand on top (a finger may overlap if you want it to)

you also want to make sure that you make contact with the ball in front of you. if you hit it too early, the ball will go “cross court”, meaning that it will cross your body. if you hit it too late, it’ll go the other way.

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