So you look having a chilled beer with your burgers? The icy cool of the beer, combined with the sizzling hot grilled burgers and that oh-so-yummy barbecue sauce. Hmmmmm… Mouth watering combination, eh? YES!!! Mouth watering combination for a headache, it turns out!

The heat is definitely one of the culprits for the rising headaches in the cities that are affected, but if recent studies are to be believed, then what you are eating can add to your headache woes. Here’s a list of foods that cause headaches. These items that we believe should be kept off your list until the mercury levels don’t dip a little! But since keeping them off may not be feasible for all of you, we give you the alternatives. Skip a little, swap a little, and you’ll do fine!

Skip it – DIET SODA

The sugar substitute that is used in diet soda is called aspartame. The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) has received hundreds of complaints about aspartame and its headache inducing effects.

Swap it – SPLENDA

Splenda is chemically closer to the composition of sugar. It is less likely to be the cause of a headache.


It’s what’s called the ‘Chinese Restaurant Syndrome’. It refers to too much of MSG being used in the food. Keep off the soups, they have the most amounts of MSG. They may taste good but they sure create some potent headaches.

Swap it – MSG free food

Most manufacturers will want to keep the term MSG off their products very smartly, and double up their profits by using other accepted terms that the lay man may not be aware of. So stop being a ‘lay’ man and stand up for yourself. Look out for these terms – hydrolyzed vegetable protein, sodium caseinate, hydrolyzed oat flour, texturized protein, calcium casinate. The easier way out would be to plunge onto the MSG-free products.

Skip it – ALCOHOL

Well, most of us are aware of the concept of hangovers, and we agree that they aren’t too pretty a sight! Red wine and other dark drinks – whiskey, rum, bourbon included – are known to trigger off a migraine attack. It is also capable of depleting your magnesium stores, which could lead to a headache.

Swap it – Clear beverages

Opt for a gin or a vodka. They are less likely to trigger a migraine attack. The perfect drink then would be – THE BLOODY MARY- vodka and tomato juice merge together to swim around in one glorious pool of a glass. It is rich in alcohol-metabolizing fructose.

Skip these, swap them for the others and you’ll be hopping around once again.