Low Carb High Protein Diet

Low Carb High Protein Diet

Nearly everyone is somewhat familiar with the food pyramid and the different groups of foods it represents. In an attempt to lose weight, many people have adjusted their diets to include everything but what is recommended we eat every day. Here at Weight Loss San Francisco, we know a low carb, high protein diet is one of the plans that mixes up the pyramid by having you eat more servings from the meat group and less from the grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables.

A low carb high protein diet is designed strictly for the purpose of weight loss. Normally, the body uses carbs to get energy but when you reduce the carbs you consume, the body goes into a state known as “ketosis” which means it is burning fat stores for energy like it would during starvation. After the first few days on this type of diet, your hunger is reduced and you begin to eat less.

The biggest reason that you will consume more protein during these diets is that these choices are low in carbs or are carb-free. However, there are some major drawbacks to consuming too much protein. First of all, it can put a strain on your kidneys and make you at a higher risk for kidney disease. A lot of the protein consumed on a low carb high protein diet will normally come from red meat which is high in cholesterol. This can lead to an increased risk of developing heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Cancer is an increased risk due to the lack of vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients normally obtained from foods that contain carbohydrates, especially fruits and vegetables. A low carb high protein diet can also put you at risk for osteoporosis or kidney stones since you will excrete more calcium through your urine than normal which can lead to problems over time.

In some situations where fast weight loss is needed for a person who already has a health problem or surgery is being performed, a low carb high protein diet may be used to get rid of extra pounds in a hurry. Sometimes people will also use this type of diet when they are preparing to make a switch to a healthier lifestyle or to follow another weight loss program so that their weight loss gets a “boost”. Short time plans can be beneficial without the risk of doing more harm than good but may not be the best approach for a lifetime change in eating habits.

These diets are also used by people who have a predisposition to diabetes since they have proven to be effective at lowering blood sugar. While a diabetic diet is similar to a low carb diet for weight loss, the latter is more stringent and reduces the amount of carbs you are allowed to eat to a greater degree than for those who have already developed diabetes.

To get the great weight loss results and not suffer the long-term health effects that you can get from these tradition low carb diet plans, consider a more modern version of the low carb high protein diet plan. These diets have been modified to include more complex carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains which also include more of the dietary fiber that you need. Protein is obtained from lean meats so you get the weight loss you want and the nutrients you need!

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