Pros and Cons of Beer

Pros and Cons of Beer
“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.”

-Dave Barry

If the wife is out of town, what would be the best way to spend the night? Before you even list out 20 other possibilities, let me tell you, I was referring to a football game on TV with the boys. What is the one necessity that such a situation cannot make it without? The answer is simple – it’s BEER!

Beer has, is and will be an integral part of a man’s life. You could be a scotch drinker when you’re out with the bosses, but then again, you would like that occasional mug of chilled beer, with the little drops forming on the outside of the mug, as it condenses. What a sight; and what a feeling – having that cold beer slide down your mouth to warm your insides.

But did you know that the liquid that we all seem to be so crazy about seem to have a lot to do with your health. Learn a little about the pros and cons of beer.

The oh-so-famous Beer Belly:

Did you know that beer has no fat content by itself, but it is capable of leaving you with that extremely unsightly beer belly? The truth behind this one is that beer does contain alcohol, even if it is only in smaller quantities. Excessive consumption of beer could cause for excessive consumption of alcohol; and this is what causes for a reduction in a person’s ability involved in burning fat. If you’ve ever come across the proverb that claims beer is like ‘liquid bread’, then it means that having a glass of beer is almost equivalent to consuming a slice of bread. The number of calories involved in each brand would differ; but in most cases, the calorie count will range between 7-8 calories in each gram.

Lower Levels of sugar:

The lowered levels of sugar in beer could actually be considered a positive aspect of beer. In spite of beer being low of sugar levels, it can further lower your blood sugar levels. Beer is said to contain a lot of alcohol and the alcohol would cause for instant fatigue and this sapping of energy would take you straight to bed (hopefully, your own!). Beer is further said to be involved in reducing insulin levels; and this is what makes it a very good choice for non-diabetics. It is beneficial with reducing the onset of arteriosclerosis.

It is a Diuretic:

Beer is made up of almost 95% of drinking water. In spite of this fact, it actually works as a diuretic. Due to the fact that beer contains a lot of alcohol, it turns into a diuretic. Beer is known to dehydrate a person very easily; and this is why it is essential for a person to have one glass of water for every glass of beer consumed.

Beer cuts down the risk of heart disease:

Since beer is not known to contain any cholesterol, and is blessed with polyphenols, which is known to possess antioxidant qualities; it will help in containing the ‘bad cholesterol’. Beer is said to be a very good source of fiber and it is said to be derived from the malted version of barley which is also said to be of great help. According to sources, moderate consumption of beer could also be responsible in reducing stress. Alcohol is said to be a thinner of blood, and this is exactly why it is responsible for protecting the human heart.