Silk soy milk no longer organic

Silk soy milk no longer organic

This is a rough week for me–in the span of 48 hours, I have learned that two companies I trusted were dishonest with their consumers. First, I found out that SIGG water bottles used to be lined with BPA. Second, I found out that sometime in the spring of 2009, Silk soymilk stopped using organic soybeans. They didn’t change their packaging, UPC code, or the price of their soymilk–they simply stopped using organic soybeans and labeling the product organic. I never noticed until I read this article. I called to my husband, who was in the kitchen, and asked him to check our Silk and see if it was organic. His response, and I’m not kidding, was “of course it is.” I asked him to double check the label and sure enough, it’s no longer labeled organic. reports that:

  • “Recently, Dean Foods reformulated their Silk product line changing almost all their products over to “natural” (conventional) soybeans. They did this, quietly, without telling retailers or changing the UPC code numbers on the products. Many retailers reported that they didn’t find out until their customers noticed and complained.”
  • “To add insult to injury, not only did the price of Silk products not go down when they converted to cheaper conventional soybeans, but they now reintroduced three products with organic soybeans and raised the price on those. Greedy profiteering plain and simple.”

I encourage those of you that are just as upset about this as I am to write the makers of Silk. Their address is:

White Wave Foods Consumer Affairs
12002 Airport Way
Broomfield, CO 80021

They will be receiving this letter from me later this week:

Dear makers of Silk products,

My family has been drinking Silk soy milk regularly since 2002. The main reason we chose Silk was because it was organic. I just recently read online that your soy milk is no longer organic. Apparently, this has been the case for months, but because I don’t scrutinize the labels of foods I’ve been buying for years, I hadn’t noticed. When I buy a food that has been organic for years, I expect it to remain organic without my regular checking.

I would like to know when exactly you decided to reformulate your soy milks to no longer contain organic soybeans. The manner in which Silk became non-organic is extremely deceitful. You didn’t change the packaging, UPC code, or price. You relied on the fact that loyal customers like myself wouldn’t continue to buy non-organic Silk unless you essentially tricked them into it. I am disappointed in your ethics and your utter disrespect for your consumers.

In my house, we eat almost exclusively organic food. I have young children and it is incredibly important to me that I do not expose them to unnecessary pesticides or chemicals. I also do not want my family to consume genetically modified soybeans, laden with Monsanto’s Roundup. I have a one year old that drank your soy milk daily. I am infuriated that he was consuming non-organic Silk for months, without my knowledge. As a loyal consumer, I deserve better from White Wave Foods.

Please know that your actions are completely unacceptable to me. My family will no longer be purchasing your products. And I am notifying all my family and friends who also purchase Silk to encourage them to do the same.