The story of oolong tea

The story of oolong tea

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Every once in a while, people are curious why certain things has certain names.

Oolong. How the name came about?

There was a story told in China that will satisfy this curiosity.

There was a tea garden in a high mountain in China.

There was a bush of tea plants on the top of the mountain that no one ever came near.

One morning, when the girls began to climb up the slope to pick tea leaves.One of the girls who was picking leaves near the mountain''s top heard weird sounds.

...Turning around, she saw a very large black snake. It was lying near the bush of tea plant that grew on top of the mountain.


The snake was occupied with something, it didn''t see her. Terrified, she grabed a long stick and tried to make the snake go away.

Aware of her presence, the snake slowly slid away.

Curious to what attracted the snake to that particular tea plants , she approached the unknown bush.To her surprise, she smelled a very nice, attractive, and flowery fragance.

She picked those tea leaves. When infused, the leaves produced such nice and smooth tea.Remember the incident with the black snake, the tea was called Oolong.

This story of oolong tea explains why the tea has the name oolong, which means black snake or dragon.

In chinese, the same word is used for dragon and snake.

Is it a myth or a fact?

... you decide! But it makes such a nice story, don''t you think?

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