Vitamins Supplements

Vitamins Supplements

Vitamins are essential for good health. They are the material which should be included in the daily diet of an individual.

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Vitamins D and K have to be taken through the diet a sufficient amount. Vitamins are required by our body to help in structuring and sustaining the tissues and organs of the human body. Energy and the immune system are even enhanced by the intake of the vitamins.

For the regular and proper functioning of the nervous system and the human brain it is essential to take enough amounts of vitamins in the diet. Vitamins can be provided through food materials, such as dairy products, meat, vegetables and fresh products.

It is always advisable that the people take vitamins through the diet they take and not the supplements. The diet will also ensure a regular intake of all other supplements. But when the diet is not adequate or the need of the body increases due to some special reasons the vitamins are needed to be supplemented through supplements. Pregnant women and growing children require a higher intake of vitamins than the normal people. Hence they should take vitamin supplements, but only after a proper check-up by the doctor.

Vitamin supplements are even needed by the people who are chronically ill and whose intake of alcohol is excessive. People who are totally vegetarian must make use of these supplements as vegetarian food lacks vitamins and is rich in proteins.

Few vitamin are useful in avoiding the chances of heart strokes, thus the intake of vitamins through supplements is necessary. As vitamins act as antioxidants, they clean the blood. Nuts and fresh fruits should be included in the food which should even be at time supplemented by the vitamin supplement capsules, pills or tonics. Thus, to ensure a healthy body the person must take vitamins through the diet. If the person has irregular eating habits we can use vitamin supplements.