Weight Loss Is A Complex Process

Weight Loss Is A Complex Process

“If there is a magic solution to achieve the perfect body, would all have perfect body”, told HuffPost voices DRA. Katie Rickel, a clinical psychologist specializing in weight management.

“Weight loss is a complex process that requires significant behavior changes, psychological adjustments in our perspective, and a considerable effort over a sustained period of time”.

Unfortunately, many women are falling into the tempting trap of the diet fads. Recently, the method of the tube through the nose became a favorite of brides who, in an attempt to enter without problems in his wedding suit, swallow only 800 calories in liquid food, down to twenty pounds in ten days.

“Even though weight loss is easier psychologically (as it can happen with Bariatric surgeries and medications for weight loss), you people should eat less and move more to achieve long term weight loss”, said the expert. But this is precisely what many find hard to understand: the nutrition and exercise will always be key to achieve a healthy weight.

Diets express only give us immediate benefits, but does not help us to get used to a lifestyle that will truly benefit our health. A magic diet could do we notice major advances in the scale, but these could be simply a mirage.

“Weight loss tactics that cause the scale go down quickly, generally achieve their goal by the loss of water in the cells and muscles,” explains Rickel. “The loss of fat from the physiological point of view, requires a deficit sustained of caloric intake, something that takes weeks and months in achieved”.

But as we are so used to having everything what we want at the speed of a click, a diet long term does not seem to excite us. “In our culture of quick fixes, it is attractive to believe that there is a shortcut in the process of losing weight.” “However, the basic principles of biology make it clear that this is not how things work”, says the doctor.

Taking as an example the quoted diet of the tube, or ‘ K diet’, Rickel explains that the attribute of ‘magic’ diet is derived from the placebo effect. “Through this phenomenon, a useless treatment (or inert medication) generates a change simply because the patient believes that he is receiving an effective treatment”. In other words, what we sell as a ‘magic’ solution is not more than a game that our minds accept to play.

“An individual who is capable of adhering to a diet of 800 calories during ten days, probably see a temporary loss of weight on the scale.” “The simple dramatic reduction in calories – with or without a nasogástrico tube-, will lead to the loss of water and muscle in the majority of people, and this will be the number in the scale go down”, explains Rickel. “However, people are struggling to adjust to a low calorie diet because your mind makes them eventually to want to consume more calories”. “However, if a person believes that the nasogastric tube is sufficient to prevent these biological impulses, then there exists the possibility that ignore his mind when you want to eat, and then – at least in the short-term, will succeed with your diet.”

And the same is true if your diet accompanied her pills or magic droplets. Neither tube nor anything else make the ‘magic trick’: your mind is the only secret to success. “If a person that will dieting they said that holding a magic wand will give power to stick to their diet, and it believed that the wand has these properties, then this person could follow his diet in the same way that the woman who has the tube inserted nasogástrico”.

Source: Huffington Post