Why Install Whole House Water Filters?

Why Install Whole House Water Filters?

Concerned about the water quality from your water? Maybe you live in the country and have to use a well supply, or you’re not so sure about your municipal supply, or you just have very hard water. In any of these situations, you may want to install a whole house water filter. These systems install at your main water intake and remove a wide range of contaminants before water even touches your pipes.

Whole house water filters do several excellent things for your home. For instance, did you realize that overly-chlorinated water can release chloroform into your air when you shower in it, contaminating your air and putting family members with lung diseases at risk? A whole house water filter removes chlorine from your water before it can endanger you or your loved ones. If you have a problem with hard water, they can be combined with water softeners; purified and softened water ensures that your expensive soaps and shampoos work properly so you can use less of them. And residue is eliminated from any cleaning tasks, making you, your shower walls, and your dishes cleaner.

With a whole house water filter, you won’t have to have a separate water filter for your drinking water supply, either; a good filter will provide you with bottled-water quality water right out of your tap.

Whole house water filters are not for the amateur to install. They take up about half the space of a water heater, and they need to be installed by a licensed plumber, preferably one who has installed these sorts of filters before. You will also need to change out the filter once or twice a year, which is not cheap. Still, when you compare the cost of a whole house water filter to your savings in bottled water and in better-functioning soap, it’s easily offset in most households.

Whole house water filters typically use a three stage system, starting with the sediment tank where larger contaminants are allowed to settle out of the water. This cleaner water is sent through an activated carbon filter or a ceramic filter, where most chemical and biological contaminants are removed. Last, a redox potential high filter removes chlorine from the water before it is allowed to continue into your home. The result: very clean water with few if any contaminants that still has fluoride and calcium dissolved in it for your family’s heath and better tasting water.

Choose your whole house water filter carefully. You’ll need to find out what contaminants are in your water at the main source; if you have no idea how to go about this, your water company may test it for you for free, or they’ll be able to tell you where to go to have it tested. Worry more about removing all the contaminants that are a problem in your water than about how much your filter is going to cost; it will pay for itself, but only if you get every contaminant at the source. And find out how and when to change filters, and how much filters are going to add to your bill each year.

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