fitness shot of a young man

fitness shot of a young man
how to build muscle
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Whether you’re looking to bulk up or simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle, strength training is important for increasing lean muscle mass and trimming off those extra pounds from your waistline.

When done correctly, regular strength training sessions can help boost your metabolism and reduce your risk of injury.

In order to help you reach your weight loss goals, we’ve put together some strength training basics that will help you make the most out of your next workout.

Strength Training Principles

Strength training can be dividing into three different types of principles, each focusing on a different approach for building muscle and keeping toned.

1. The Overload Principle: In order to build bigger stronger muscles, you have to work them harder than you normally do. Your body is remarkably designed to adapt to stress, and the more you challenge it, the more it will grow. There are two types of overload that will help your muscles grow in size and strength:

Isotonic Overload – This type of muscle overload involves using the same amount of tension for the full range of motion. The amount of force generated changes as your muscles lengthen and shorten against resistance. This helps to build strength.

Isometric Overload – This type of overload involves using the same length. Your muscles are working, but they’re not necessarily moving. The resistance is so high that you get stronger just by trying.

2. The Tension Principle: Resistance creates tension, a key element for developing muscles. Whether it’s through your own body weight or resistance machines, you can encourage muscle growth through three types of resistance training:

Fixed Resistance – Using a constant amount of resistance through a full range of motion. Exercises that use dumbbells and resistance bands fall under this category.

Variable Resistance – Resistance varies through the full range of motion (gravity makes it more difficult to lift a weight up than down). Specialized machines alter the resistance so it’s equally hard to lift up as it is to push down.

Calisthenics –Your own body weight is used as resistance to develop muscles. Pushups, crunches, and dips would fall under this category.

3. Specificity Principle: If you’ve ever heard of spot training then you’ll probably understand what this principle is. By focusing on a specific muscle group, you can build those specific muscles without having any effect on surrounding muscles. For example, if you’re working on the bench press then you’re not working your legs. It’s important to work all the major muscle groups when strength training to keep in tip top shape.

The Detraining Principle – If you don’t use it, you lose it. Once you build up your muscles, you have to continually work them to stay in shape. If you stop training, that muscle mass you worked so hard to gain will fade away. Although this isn’t necessarily a technique for building muscle, it’s still an important principle to keep in mind as you exercise.

Tips to Build Muscle

• Warm up before working out
• Focus on form first rather than resistance.
• Change your routine.
• Don’t hold your breath.
• Keep a steady rhythm
• If you’re a beginner, stick to the machines
• Cool down at the end of every workout
• Be sure to eat a healthy diet to give you the energy and nutrients you need

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