Are sit-down restaurants required to disclose nutrition info?

Are sit-down restaurants required to disclose nutrition info?

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Are sit-down restaurants required to disclose nutrition info?

I though this was a law but maybe it’s just for fast food. Don’t sit-down dining establishments in the U.S. have to provide basic nutrition information on their food? If not all of them, then at least the big chain restauraunts? Does anyone know where I could get some specific information on any legislature about this?

They do not have to have that information. It all depends on the owner and if they want to get into that much detail. Sit down restaurants have alot of ingredients and they would have to contact every vendor they receive produce and product from to get it from them that takes alot of time.

No. I didn’t know they should be providing this info.

I don’t know about being legally required to do so, but most restaurants will have nutritional facts on their webpage. I do think they are legally req’d to have a book about ingrediants though… I once served a customer who allergic to something really weird like Yellow #5 or something and I didn’t know we had a book like that but I still had to look at EVERYthing that went into that person’s salad and meal…

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