Five Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Life

Five Ways to Fit Fitness Into Your Life

Zone Diet Tips

Here''s a great article about the Zone Diet which talks about losing weight by eating healthier foods. Not only will you lose weight, you’ll actually burn fat and keep it off. And you’ll never feel hungry because you’ll be eating five times a day. Read on for more great Zone diet tips.

It is extremely important to select an exercise program that will be well-suited to your lifestyle. If you have to drive 25 miles in rush hour traffic to the nearest pool, a swimming routine might not be your first pick. Find an exercise program that you like - shop around, try out various sports and programs. Only you can really determine if a given exercise plan is right for your tastes. In the end, the key to any exercise plan is obvious: For it to "work", you have to stick to it.

And, to stick to it, most people need to find some satisfaction in what they''re doing. Go out and find some exercise fun!============================================The Buddy System: Exercise Made Easy============================================Find a partner to exercise with you. Having an exercise buddy will not only keep you motivated, it will also help you push yourself to becoming better and better. Your partner will inspire you to get out of bed on those cold mornings when you''re feeling lazy, and will share in your excitement when you''ve reached a milestone on your path to achieving your health goals. In addition, a partner will allow you to discuss your fears or frustrations, too.

TIP: As you can tell by reading this, there''s a lot of stuff to know when you''re choosing which foods to eat, determining how much fat is in a serving portion, and balancing your body''s nutritional requirements so as to maximize fat reduction over total weight loss.

Find a partner and commit to making positive change in your life today.============================================Elevator Out of Order: Use the Stairs============================================Whenever you can, use the stairs instead of the elevator. Elevators may be convenient, but they also make us lazy. There are so many opportunities in your daily life where you can choose to either be lazy or motivated to move. Doing a stair workout shows that your dedicated to achieving your diet and fitness goal. You will actually give your body a surprisingly good workout just by walking up and down stairs.

If you focus your attention when climbing or descending, you can isolate the affected muscles groups (e.g., calves, quadriceps, gluteus, hamstring) and produce a stellar workout for yourself.============================================Wriggle ''Em, Jiggle ''Em: Fun with All Your Fingers and Toes============================================Whether you''re stuck behind a desk, tied up in rush hour traffic, or sitting in your favorite chair watching TV, any time is a good time to give your body a healthy stretch. Why don''t you start with your fingers and your toes? Wiggle them, jiggle them, stretch them ''round - your joints will thank you more than you can know. Release that tension and say goodbye to accumulated stress by starting with these simple stretches. ============================================Swim, Swam, Swum: Your Health Has Just Begun============================================If you are just starting out on your path toward weight loss and renewed health, swimming is one of the best exercises for you. Because it is a non-weight bearing activity-meaning you aren''t placing the stress of your body weight on your muscles and joints-you can exercise more safely and for longer periods of time.

Swimming is an excellent exercise to build cardiovascular strength, burn calories, and establish whole-body conditioning. If there is a pool nearby, swim as often as you can. And, if nothing else, a cool dip in a pool is a wonderful stress reliever. ============================================If You Can Sit, You Can Stand. If You Can Stand, You Can Walk============================================If one day you want to revel in your achievements, you need to revolutionize your life - from your diet, to exercise, to your daily habits.

For example, if you sit at a desk for a living, get up every half an hour and take a lap around the floor of your office. If you stand for a living, shift your weight back and forth between legs, walk about, stretch out. Because movement is the key to getting your body in shape, take every opportunity you can to do a little moving and shaking.

Sylvie Charrier is the author of the book "Living La Vida Low Carb: The Vegetarian Way". As a busy work-at-home mom, she discovered simple ways to get more results from her low carb diet. She shares her recipe makeovers and health tips on her website

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