Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Fruit Smoothie Recipes

There are many delicious fruit smoothie recipes that you can follow in order to make some delicious fruit smoothies for your diet, though most of the fruit smoothies are made more for enjoyment than for weight loss. Still, you will find that these fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes are excellent, and they can help you to whip up some delicious smoothies of all colors and flavors.

On this page you will find all kinds of delicious fruit smoothie recipes, including some banana smoothie, strawberry smoothie, tropical fruit smoothie, and mango smoothie recipe choices. You can find some great tips on how to make delicious smoothies using some of the best fruits.

Enjoy the great tips below…

Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Benefits of Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothie recipes are usually made using a wide assortment of fruits mixed with ingredients like milk or yoghurt, though some smoothies are made with water. However, regardless of the ingredients used, there are some excellent benefits of fruit smoothies that you should know about:

• They contain lots of fiber –That’s right, fruit contains a lot of fiber. This means that you can greatly improve your digestion by making yourself some fruit smoothies. You can also help your weight loss efforts thanks to all the fiber, and you will find that your body will be much healthier with a steady intake of fruit.

• They can help stifle your hunger – Anyone who has ever dieted knows exactly how hard it can be to avoid temptation when you are hungry, which is what makes fruit smoothies so awesome. With a fruit smoothie, you can prevent your body from being hungry for solid food, thus reducing the amount of food that you have to eat. The natural sugar in the smoothie will also help to suppress your appetite, thus making it possible for you to stay faithful to your diet.

• They can help you to lose weight – If you are not hungry, you won’t end up eating a lot of food that your body doesn’t need. In addition, you will be able to lose weight thanks to the fiber in the fruit, and you can replace your eating habits with healthier choices by replacing snacks and junk food with fruit in the form of smoothies. (Obviously some of the fruit smoothie recipes are lower in fat than others, but they are all great for getting more fruit in your diet.)

• They can help nourish your body – Your body needs all kinds of vitamins and minerals in order to work well, and you cannot get all the nutrients your body needs just by eating meat and starch. Most of the vitamins and minerals that you need should be obtained through the fruits and vegetables you eat, such as Vitamin C in citrus fruits or Vitamin A in papaya. Some of the fruits actually contain unique ingredients that cannot be found in other foods, such as resveratrol in grapes or ketones in raspberries.

• They can be so much tastier than any snack – Fruit smoothies usually stifle your hunger, but that has a lot to do with the fact that you feel very satisfied when you enjoy a fruit smoothie. The fact that they are naturally delicious makes it easier for your body to tell your mind “Yep, I’ve had enough for now!”

• They can help to prevent your body from breaking down – As any aging person knows, it can be hard to succumb to the effects of your body breaking down with age. However, getting lots of antioxidants in your diet is the best way to ensure that your body stays young for as long as possible, and fruits contain more antioxidants than most other kind of food. By eating lots of fruit or drinking natural fruit smoothies, you can prevent aging from setting in too soon.

• They can help to boost your immune system – Fruits contain all kinds of vitamins that your body needs to have a healthy immune system, and you will find that drinking lots of 100% natural fruit juice is the best way to stay healthy and disease-free. Fruit smoothies made according to a natural fruit smoothie recipe will provide your immune system with the backup it needs to stay healthy and strong.

As you can see, the healthy fruit smoothie recipes have lots of benefits, and you will find that drinking a smoothie or two a day can do wonders in improving your health and keeping you from getting sick.

Fruit Smoothie Recipes: The Best Fruit Smoothie Recipes Have Vegetables

One thing to bear in mind is that the fruit smoothies that are the healthiest are the ones that contain not only fruits, but vegetables as well. Why is this? Simple: fruit is very acidic, while vegetables contain a lot of alkaline.

If you eat only fruit or drink only fruit smoothies, you will be filling your body with natural sugars that will alter your pH balance toward the acidic. This can cause problems, but adding vegetables to your smoothies can help to balance out the amounts of alkaline and acid in your body.

Also, remember that fruits contain a lot of sugar, while vegetables contain very little. If you want to stay healthy, you should cut down on sugar. You can add body and flavor to your fruit shakes by dropping in some celery, cactus, carrots, or cucumbers, and they will still be fruity and delicious but have far more fiber and much less sugar. You will find that even adding a bit of vegetables to your fruit smoothies will go a long way in helping to cut back on the amount of sugar that is retained by your body, and it will help to speed up your weight loss efforts as well.

With no further ado, let’s get down to smoothies!

Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Berries and Strawberry Smoothie Ideas

Working with berries is one of the best ways to add a powerful kick to your fruit smoothies, as all the berries have a strong flavor that will make your smoothies much tastier. Strawberries are some of the sweetest, while blueberries have a much more subtle taste to them. Cranberries are stronger and more sour, while raspberries are the perfect balance between sweet and tart. Don’t know how to make some delicious berry smoothies? Here is a berry and strawberry smoothie recipe or two you can try:

Strawberry Yoghurt

Mix up some strawberries in the blender with some non-fat yoghurt to make a delicious, natural yoghurt drink. Add some wheat germ to make the delicious drink even healthier for you.

Raspberry Ocean

Whip up some delicious cranberry juice along with coconut milk for a breezy, sweet drink that will taste great with some ice added to it. You can drop in a spoonful or two of pineapple juice to bring out the tangy taste.

Blue Soy

Drop a package of blueberries into a cup of soymilk, add a spoonful of vanilla, a few nuts, and some oats, and blend well in your favorite home appliance for a healthy, filling smoothie.

Berries are loaded with antioxidants, so you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth from these berry and strawberry smoothie recipe choices.

Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Banana Smoothie Ideas

There is many a banana smoothie recipe that can help you whip up a delicious treat, and there is nothing quite as filling as a healthy banana smoothie.

Banana Yoghurt

The natural sweetness of banana combines wonderfully with natural unsweetened low fat yoghurt, and you can add a spoonful of flax seeds to help enhance the rich flavor of the yoghurt and bananas.

Banana Soy Milk

Everyone loves a good pitcher of banana milk, but try making it with soy milk rather than dairy. Freeze the bananas days before, and blend them with just enough milk to make it a thick, ice-creamy texture that tastes great with a spoonful of vanilla.

Banana Coconut

Mixing banana with coconut milk sounds strange, but it is absolutely divine when you only add a single banana for a cup of coconut milk. The banana flavor is muted, but it rides nicely on the coconut taste.

These are just a few ideas, and you can have fun getting creative with different ideas for a banana smoothie recipe.

Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe Ideas

Tropical fruits tend to be the perfect combination of acidity and sweetness, and you will find that these fruits make some of the best smoothies. Don’t believe me? Try one of the tropical fruit smoothie recipe ideas below to see just how delicious they can be.

Pina Colada

Use a cup of coconut milk and a quarter of a pineapple to make one of the most delicious tropical smoothies you will ever get to taste.

Papaya Surprise

Use a cupful of yoghurt with half a papaya and a few raisins to make one of the tastiest and most filling smoothies you can find.

Melon Ice-Cream

Sure it’s not real ice cream, but mixing melon with soy milk and letting it sit in the freezer for a few hours is guaranteed to have your mouth watering.

You have got to love those delicious tropical fruits!

Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Mango Smoothie Recipe Ideas

The mango is another tropical fruit that makes amazing smoothies, especially when you mix it with a few of the stronger fruits.

Mango Soy Milkshake

Whip up a delicious mango smoothie by dropping two mangoes into two cups of soy milk and blending thoroughly with ice.

Mango Passion

Use one passion fruit for every two mangoes that you add to your smoothie, along with a bit of coconut milk and orange juice for flavor.


Mix up some mango with orange juice, and drop in any berry you want (except blueberry) for a delicious, antioxidant-rich smoothie.

Mango is one of the best fruits to make smoothies with, as it adds a lot of sugar to the drink as well as texture.

Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Orange Smoothie Recipes

Orange is one of the most versatile of the fruits that you can use to make smoothies, and orange juice can be the base of pretty much any smoothie. Here are a few:

Tropical Sunrise

Make an orange smoothie with mango and orange juice, and pour it into a cup with red cherry or strawberry juice at the bottom.

Orange Julius

While the traditional Orange Julius is fairly high in fat, you can make a very low fat one by blending oranges in soy milk (sounds strange; tastes awesome!).

Energy Spritz

If you want to pack a powerful punch, mix some lemon juice in with an orange and pineapple smoothie. It’s sour, but packed with vitamin C and guaranteed to boost your immune system.

As you can see, orange works with just about any kind of fruit, and it one of the best fruits to mix with vegetables as well.

Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Fruits and Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

Tired of a simple fruit smoothie? Why not try adding celery to your strawberry banana smoothie recipe, or pouring some carrot juice in your Orange Julius? Here are a few more fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes:

Ginger Smoothie

Blend a large piece of fresh ginger root with a batch of apples, a few sticks of celery, and a couple of carrots. Mix all of this with a touch of mineral water, and blend well for a delicious smoothie.

Heart Smart Smoothie

Pick out 5 of your favorite green vegetables, run them through the juicer, and blend them up with orange juice and fresh pineapple for a great smoothie that will do wonders for your heart.

The Green Sludge

Sounds icky, doesn’t it? It tastes great, however, as you mix up a handful of strawberries, a handful of blueberries, 3 carrots, coconut milk, orange juice, and lots of dark leafy greens. It may not look great, but it packs a punch and tastes awesome!

These are just a few of the many delicious fruit smoothie recipes you can find on this site, so check out some of the other pages for more ideas.

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