Get and Stay On Track With My Cutting Edge Health And Fitness Tips!

Get and Stay On Track With My Cutting Edge Health And Fitness Tips!

What you put inside your body is extremely important for long-term health and wellness- it’s the fuel that runs your machine!

“No Food Tastes As Good As Being Lean Feels.” Now, I’ve heard many different versions of this, but the idea is the same. As important as eating nutritiously is, it is only half of the health equation. You know what the other part is right? Right? Even little Johnny that sits in the back of the class (sorry to all of the Johns out there!) knows that the second half is, exercise! Yes, all the proper diet in the world can only get you so far to optimum health- about 80%, which isn’t bad, but the other 20% is a major one, and can’t be ignored.

Exercise strengthens your immune system, and puts that good fuel you are consuming to the best use. It also strengthens your muscles- the saber-toothed tiger fighting, and the beach going kind, but also your two most important muscles- the super pumper in your chest (heart), and the super computer behind your eyes (brain).

A strong heart and brain are essential to long term well being and vitality. The 20% from exercise is responsible for much more than it is given credit for. Imagine your body is a car. With proper diet alone, you could be compared to a Toyota Prius- a very well made, long- lasting, efficient car, but not very powerful. Now incorporate consistent exercise, and you get a Porsche 918 hybrid supercar. Both cars have about the same technology, but the Porsche can hit about 200 mph, all while getting around 80mpg! I think you see what I am getting at here.

I will share with you exercise tips, equipment, workouts, and programs- all of which can be tailored to your individual needs. Whether you want more muscle, want to lose a couple of pounds or inches, or want to achieve general cardiovascular health, you’ll find it here! Everything I suggest, I have tried myself, so I can accurately showcase the benefits of each. There are exceptions to this, that is, things tailored to women specifically, so I have had the women in my life try them instead- trust me it’s better them than me in this regard!

I am an NASM certified personal trainer. I am committed to results, safety, and professionalism.

Fitness is a lifestyle, just as a proper diet is- strive to embrace it!