Herbalife H30 Pro Istontic Drink

Herbalife H30 Pro Istontic Drink

Whatever your sport, whether you are a keen team player in a sport like football or hockey, a fan of challenging endurance activities such as marathons or triathlons, a fitness enthusiast who enjoys activities such as gym sessions, or a game of tennis - hydration and energy are vital in achieving results to be proud of.

As little as 2% fluid loss during exercise or mild dehydration can significantly harm your performance. For an exceptional performance, water alone is not enough.
Top athletes push their body to the limit to deliver an exceptional performance. How do they do it? Two crucial factors aid an exceptional performance: energy and hydration. Your body is 60% water so, for results to be proud of, your body fluid must be kept at its optimum level. When you exercise, you sweat which increases the risk of suffering from the negative effects of dehydration such as headaches, fatigue and cramp.

Information on isotonic drinks
Developed with experts in sports nutrition, H3O Pro™ is an innovative isotonic drink helping to power exceptional performances. As we demand more from our bodies during exercise, it’s vital that we support our body and provide what it needs. That’s why you get so much more from H3O Pro™ isotonic drinks than other brands on the market. best isotonics Drinks

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  • Find that this isotonic drink is helping me to recover more quickly between training sessions.