How to quit the soft drink habit: new ebook reveals proven five-step strategy for ditching obesity-promoting beverage

How to quit the soft drink habit: new ebook reveals proven five-step strategy for ditching obesity-promoting beverage

For people looking to quit the soft drink habit, a new ebook is now available that reveals a simple five-step technique for kicking soft drinks for good. The ebook is entitled, "The Five Soft Drink Monsters," and is authored by holistic nutritionist Mike Adams who created the technique and has been free of soft drinks (see related ebook on soft drinks) for more than ten years. The downloadable ebook, which sells for $7.95, is available now at

As clinical studies increasingly link soft drink consumption with skyrocketing rates of obesity and diabetes, more people are looking for ways to switch to healthier beverages like tea and water. But they''re finding soft drinks to be highly addictive. That''s because, as author Mike Adams explains, "Soft drinks addict consumers on five sensory levels, making the soft drink habit virtually impossible to quit cold turkey." Adams calls soft drinks, "just as addictive as nicotine," and similarly harmful to human health.

Soft drinks do far more than pack on body fat and disrupt blood sugar levels, Adams explains. The beverages are also blamed for promoting loss of bone density and symptoms of osteoporosis by creating an unhealthy mineral imbalance in the body. "Soft drinks are highly acidic," Adams explains, "and to rebalance your pH levels, your body strips calcium and other minerals from your skeletal system, reducing your bone mass."

This year, new studies have also revealed strong links between high-fructose corn syrup -- the sweetener used in soft drinks -- and diabetes. Consuming regular quantities of this refined sugar decreases insulin sensitivity, stresses the pancreas, promotes the storage of body fat and causes radical swings in blood sugar that can affect mental performance and lead to "brain fog."

Quitting soft drinks is a critical step in regaining personal health, says Adams. But quitting cold turkey is rarely successful. In contrast, "The Five Soft Drink Monsters" ebook reveals a proven five-step strategy for transitioning off soft drink in a way that requires relatively little discipline. It works because it''s a transition strategy that overcomes each of the five sensory addictions one at a time.

"With this strategy, anyone can successfully quit the soft drink habit and regain their personal health," says Adams.

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