Important Questions to Ask Your Surgeon before Having Plastic Surgery

Important Questions to Ask Your Surgeon before Having Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has been gaining immense popularity and the
procedures have become more affordable and accessible with convenient
financing options available at present. However, plastic surgery is not
for everyone; you have to be a candidate to undergo these procedures.
The important thing is to find a good plastic surgeon who can ensure the
aesthetic results you are looking for. Many people opt for this,
without researching the procedure or doing proper homework. There are
several questions that should be asked to the plastic surgeon before
opting for the procedure.

Given below are some questions that
you can ask the surgeon. This is to ensure that you are entrusting
yourself to an experienced and reliable plastic surgeon.

>> Are you board certified?
Board certified surgeons are reliable and knowledgeable. They will work to provide the best aesthetic results.

>> Since how long are you into this field?
The longer the plastic surgeon is into this field, the better would be the results.

>> How many times have you performed the procedure?
one would always prefer an experienced surgeon. If the surgeon
specializes in the procedure you want, there is nothing better than it.
You can also check whether the doctor has had some formal training.

>> What are the possible risks, side effects and complications of the procedure?
This will help you make an informed decision. You can go for the surgery fully aware of the complexity and downsides involved.

>> Where will you perform the surgery?
plastic surgery center where the surgery will be performed is of utmost
importance. It should have the latest advanced equipment and
experienced and caring staff.

>> Are you having hospital privileges for performing the surgery?
Hospital privileges are offered only to highly trained and highly skilled physicians.

>> What type of anesthesia would you use for my surgery?
Find out whether your procedure can be done under local anesthesia, which reduces the downtime and risks involved.

>> Are there any factors which can hamper my candidacy for the procedure?
Ensure that your health condition is perfect and there are no factors that can compromise your safety.

>> How many referrals do you get a year?
A reliable and popular plastic surgeon will receive many referrals a year.

>> How will my post operative pain be managed and which medications would be given?
It is important to know how any postoperative pain will be handled.

>> How long will scarring last?
Scarring is of course an aesthetic concern. Ask your surgeon about possible scarring from the surgery and how long it will last.

>> How long should I take an off from work?
You need to know this so that you can make proper arrangements at your workplace during your absence.

>> When will the bruising and swelling subside?
Plastic surgery procedures may be accompanied by some bruising and swelling. Find out how long these will last.

>> What would be the effects of dietary supplements and medications on my recovery?
You definitely want to recover fast. So learn how dietary supplements and medications will impact your recovery.

>> For how long will the results last?
Lasting results is anyone’s dream. Ask your surgeon how long the results will last and what you can do to make them last longer.

>> Can I see before and after photos of patients on whom the same procedure has been performed?
Before and after photos of previous patients will give you a clear idea about what you can expect from your chosen plastic surgery procedure.