Liposuction Islamabad

Liposuction Islamabad
Liposuction Islamabad

Liposuction Islamabad is part of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. Our clinic is one of the most reputed and respected clinics in Pakistan and Dubai. We provide quality liposuction services to get rid of unwanted fat quickly.


Our clinic has qualified and experienced doctors, expert in liposuction. The doctors at our clinic have local and foreign qualification and are member of reputed organizations. Our team is headed by Dr. Farhat Bokhari, Specialist Cosmetic, Plastic and Hair Transplant Surgeon.

In addition to great professional and ethical standards, our team is very friendly and supportive. It’s very important to have a very good level of communication while evaluating the client’s needs and recommending appropriate solutions to them. Our doctors have developed skills in communicating with clients and providing them the best advice. Our clients feel very comfortable in discussing their desires and problems with our doctors, which increases the satisfaction level before and after the treatment.


The concept of liposuction is very simple. Unwanted fat is removed from the body by suction. A small stainless steel tube is inserted in the body through a tiny hole. This tube is attached to an apparatus specifically designed to suck the fat present between the skin and muscles. After the removal of fat, body shape and contour is improved significantly.


The benefits of liposuction include:

  • Convenience: Most methods of fat removal are time consuming and require a great deal of effort like dieting and exercise. In contrast removing fat by liposuction requires minimal effort.
  • Targeted fat removal: This method can remove fat from specific areas of the body. Other methods like dieting and exercise burn fat from all the body.
  • Time Saving: This method removes fat almost instantaneously. No other method of fat removal works that quickly.
  • Reliability: Liposuction is a reliable method of fat removal. This destroys fat cells permanently. Results can be improved further by following a healthy life routine with respect to diet and physical activity.
  • Safe: This fat removal method is widely used and very safe. When done by an experienced surgeon, side-effects are very rare and temporary.

We are also offering other services related to your health and well-being. It’s very easy to get further information and guidance from our qualified and friendly staff at liposuction Islamabad. Just choose the contact method according to your preference and have a smarter, healthier body.