Marketing your Business on Twitter doesn't need to be Difficult or Expensive!

Marketing your Business on Twitter doesn't need to be Difficult or Expensive!

Twitter is a micro blogging network, (think text messaging the world), and has recently become part of a world wide love affair. Twitter grew 1460% from June 2008 to June 2009, and now boasts celebrities, main stream media, and large corporates along with millions of other users.

With Dell recently announcing $3M in Twitter related sales, the business world is beginning to see the Twitter revolution for what it really is. A goldmine opportunity to find and connect with their ideal clients more intimately, more directly and more powerfully than ever before. So you know what that means, those who position themselves on Twitter now will dominate their market.

But how does Twitter Marketing really work.This a real story that happened to me a few weeks ago, it is illustrated below by screenshot of actual Tweets (Twitter messages).

Note: My Twitter name is ByronNewMedia, so in the images below @ByronNewMedia means someone was speaking to me in a public way.

How 5 mins Tweeting made one Byron Bay business $2500 - a personal story

One night while checking on some emails after dinner, I noticed an interesting tweet.

So I ReTweeted (forwarded the message) the request, to see if anyone in my network had suggestions. In less than 2 mins, the woman askingthe original question tweets me.

She get''s specific

Of course I made a suggestion. An accommodation house I know and am happy to recommend to my friends, the result? To the best of my knowledge they went ahead and spent $2500 plus with the accommodation house I recommended.

My new found friend is really happy with the experience.

Others also become part of the conversation. Why did all this work. a) Because I live in the Byron Bay hinterland I always have a serach for "Byron Bay" open in Twitter. So I see anyone tweeting about "Byron Bay"

Moral of the story for Businesses not including Twitter in their Marketing Plan.

Why did all this happen? a) Because I love in the Byron Bay hinterland I have a permanent search open for any mention of "Byron Bay" on Twitter. I heard a need. b) I ReTweet the original request which demonstrated that I cared, this develops trust and rapport c) the woman (or more specifically her friends) were ready to buy and asking for recommendations on Twitter, d) through our conversation trust was developed in a few minutes and a buying decision was made.

Think about how powerful this could be for your business? You could be using Twitter to;

  • Get insider information on the products and services your clients and customers really want.
  • Position yourself as thought leader and a trusted source in their industry.
  • Enhance your Client Relationship Management activity.
  • Spy on your opposition and find their weaknesses.
  • Convert strangers into your paying customers.
  • Identify and neutralize bad word of mouth.
  • Attract your ideal clients and customers.
  • Bypass expensive advertising.

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