Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

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Dr. Joe Rubino is acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic of elevating self-esteem. He is a life-changing personal development and success coach on how to restore self-esteem, achieve business success, maximize joy and fulfillment in life and productivity. He is known for his groundbreaking work as seen on PBS TV in personal and leadership development, building effective teams, enhancing listening and communication skills, life and business coaching and optimal life planning.

Lynn Scheurell is known by many as the “Catalyst” for accelerated transformation and better living. Since 1998, she has been teaching the leading edge of personal growth to thousands of business owners, is honored to be recognized as one of the 2012 Top 50 Who’s Who Among Women in Ecommerce and author of several books available on Kindle and on her website. Lynn Scheurell teaches her clients how to actualize their potential, help more people and change the world – from the inside out.

Dr. Sukhi Muker is an award winning doctor, speaker and ultra-endurance athlete. At 18, he was a high-school dropout immersed in crime, violence and drugs. After hitting rock bottom and almost losing his life, he started a remarkable, life-changing journey. Over the past 20 years Dr. Sukhi has dedicated his life to understanding universal laws as they relate to maximizing human health, happiness and abundance. He bridges science, spirituality and human potential transforming the lives of 1000’s of people so they can live more authentic, purposeful and powerful lives. He is the author of the book Beyond Body, Beyond Mind… Overcome Uncertainty, Transcend Challenge and Hardships & Fulfill Your Dreams!

Heidi Reagan holds the space for your own inherent creativity to emerge. A transformational leader, Heidi is able to see your personal illumination and help you shift into who you already are (and always have been). It doesn’t matter if you may have overlooked or forgotten your inner powers. It is within this chaos of uncertainly, self-doubt, confusion and even despair, that the creative forces of change reside. Heidi is the Insightful Muse with pragmatic tools, fine-honed over ten years of practice, research and development, that you can use to guide and change your own destiny. As a life expansion enthusiast and a leader in consciousness, Heidi travels the globe living her passion and working with men and women to assist them in expanding into the larger than life possibilities that await them! Heidi is also a best-selling author, the creator of the YOU Are All That! telesummit, the founder of Choosing Expansion Coaching and the co-founder of Bold Passion!

Sue Urda is know as the Connections Catalyst. She is an Award-winning Author, Speaker, Inspire & Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network. Sue is a two-time honoree on INC Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies. She’s been an entrepreneur for 25 years and having started 3 companies since 1989, she knows the challenges and joys young businesses face, and she is committed to helping entrepreneurs and all women thrive through connections. Sue’s award-winning book and 100-day video series, Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude is designed to assist women on the journey of their lives, to inspire them tap the inner wisdom of their hearts, to feel their personal power, and to live each day through deliberate creation and intent.

Thomas M. Sterner has studied Eastern and Western philosophy and modern sports psychology and trained as a jazz pianist. For more than twenty-five years, he served as the chief concert piano technician for a major performing arts center. He prepared and maintained the concert grand piano for hundreds of world-renowned (and demanding) musicians and symphony conductors, and his typical workday required constant interaction with highly disciplined and focused artists. At the same time, he operated a piano re-manufacturing facility, rebuilding vintage pianos to factory-new condition. Sterner has parlayed what he learned from his profession into a love of practice. He is an accomplished musician, private pilot, student of archery, and avid golfer, and practicing these activities fills his spare time. He has also worked in the sound and video arts fields as a recording engineer, audio and video editor and processor, and composer. He has produced a radio show about The Practicing Mind and continues to teach his techniques to businesspeople and at sports clinics. He lives in Wilmington, Delaware.

Dr. Alison J. Kay is a PhD & Energy Medicine Practitioner of 18 years (Reiki Master, Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner and Advanced Tibetan AHS Practitioner, Access Consciousness BARS Facilitator), ACE Certified Personal Trainer, YA RYT-200 India trained Yoga & Meditation teacher of 21 years who recently returned from living in Asia for 10 years studying subtle energies, chi gong, Buddhism, and meditation – for your health, wealth and joy! Alison helps clients to: escape constrictive paradigms, transcend limited beliefs, heal physical energetics, actuate prosperity flows, and achieve your dreams.

Deborah Ivanoff, Emotional Rebalance master-level coach, helps high achievers navigate the delicate business of their heart so they can get back to the heart of their business in the world. She is a certified mediator, facilitator, and author of the book “How To Make More Good Stuff Happen”. She coaches one-on-one, in groups, and in online class room settings to help people transform what feels stuck and uncomfortable into guidance to evoke constructive solutions. She is renown for her ability to meet people where they are and confidently direct them upon a new path of their own design. She can be found at

Cindy Ruccolo, as seen on NBC 6, is a Fitness & Nutrition Expert. She is a Best selling Author, Speaker, Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and a Mind Set Mentor. Cindy has been in the business of Fitness for over 30 years including Professional Fitness Trainer, Boot Camp, Aerobics Instructor and GM to several major health clubs. She has been a National level Body Building Champion and holds six first place titles so she knows exactly what it takes to succeed! Cindy’s programs help her clients get Fit from the Inside out. Due to her own personal success with these tools, she now she teaches others how to use them too! The Cindy Ruccolo method uses cutting-edge techniques to help clients discover and heal the root causes of weight gain. This includes help in recovering from long-term low attractor patterns, body image belief systems and poor eating habits. Her Philosophy is “Everything leads back to Self-Love.” Working with Distance Clients is not a problem for Cindy. Skype allows for Training Anyone, Anywhere! She is in the business of changing lives, One Body at a time. Cindy says, “Learn to Eat Clean, Get Lean and finally take your life and health back for good!

Victoria Feldman is a published writer, inspirational motivator, co-active life coach, and teacher. Victoria’s first book, This is Not Goodbye…It’s Halo wasendorsed by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and used as a teaching tool to serve terminally ill children and their parents to embrace the mysteries and miracles of the afterlife and to make peace with “Going Home.”While teaching The Children’s Material (concepts based on A Course in Miracles). Victoria founded Creative Expressions, Malibu’s first higher consciousness program for children ages 4-12. Victoria is also a licensed Realtor and has sold 100′s of millions of dollars of residential real estate, received numerous awards and authored her own real estate course “The Heart of Real Estate” coining the three C’s: Clarity, Creativity & Commitment as the foundation of the course. Victoria hosted a television program in Los Angeles titled “Conscious Real Estate, a Win-Win for Everyone.” Victoria was included in Who’s Who in Residential Real Estate and was invited to be a panelist of women honored for their entrepreneurial achievements at UCLA’s “Women of the Year” conference. In 2005, Victoria began teaching and coaching the principles by which she strongly believes will not only help people achieve their career and financial goals, but their life goals as well. Victoria is a member of the International Coach Federation and a graduate of Coaches Training Institute in Marin, California. Victoria believes we all have a purpose and a mission… “There are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned and shared. We are all unique and have unique ways of expressing our authentic selves.” Victoria’s second book, Hello, Beautiful, How the Power of Self-Love Heals and Transforms YouForever is due out this fall.

Susann Taylor Shier is a highly established and gifted international author, speaker, intuitive channel, spiritual counselor and founder of Soul Mastery.™ Susann teaches how to access and live from the magnificence of your soul gifts, strengths and purpose in this world. Her three books: Soul Mastery – Accessing the Gifts of your Soul, Soul Radiance – Bring Your Soul Riches to Life and Soul Reunion – The Return Home From Separation serve as the foundation of her unique work as a soul-level trainer, teacher, counselor and healer. Susann has helped tens of thousands for over twenty years, inspiring the revelation of each person’s inherent spiritual wealth to flourish. If you’re ready for your life to be YOUR creation and need an exceptional guide to awaken to the authentic power waiting for you, connect with Susann today at:

Susan Graham Guddat is a metaphysical teacher, writer, healer, Energy Coach and Mom to twin boys. Susan deems herself a self-help guru, spiritual junkie, meditating & manifesting Mama, yoga geek, angel freak, and energy expert! Susan is the creator of the Energy Rich Life Private Coaching Program at where she is dedicated to helping people live conscious, connected and creative lives through the power of healing, energy, breathing, and visualization. Feeling a calling to work specifically with Moms, Susan is a resource and co-creator for Moms who want to create abundant lives. Susan is currently in the process of launching a business and life program for Moms called “The Mommy Money Program: Re-ignite Your Passion & Purpose, for more Money, Love and Energy!”

Bec Robbins works with ‘Inspirers’ – coaches, leaders, artists and healers, to create purposeful lives and profitable, passion-based businesses that inspire and improve the world. Founder of the INSPIRED Creative Process™, Bec helms a thriving coaching practice, sharing her signature process with clients and coaches worldwide. Her philosophy is simple: Your life is your creative masterpiece. Consciously creating your entire reality from the TRUTH of who you are will lead you to your deepest freedom and fulfillment.

Pascale Battrick is a life coach and international from-the-stage trainer known as The Rainmaker, because she precipitates growth and success for all who work with her. Since 2005 Pascale has been involved in the personal, lifestyle and education development fields and has travelled the world educating herself, researching her craft and teaching hundreds of people from varying cultures and lifestyles, using her unique training style. She’s energetic, inspiring and highly motivational as she teaches people to become the empowered transformers they inherently are – the powerful changers of their own lives.

Sharon Ballantine is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, has successfully raised three children and is the author a new book “The Art of Blissful Parenting.” She received her coaching certification from Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Sharon writes her own column for, “Parenting on Purpose” which gives parents advice and tips on the varied aspects of parenting. Sharon hosted her own weekly Internet TV Show with Conscious Evolution Media Network from 2013-2014. Sharon has been a guest speaker on several radio stations including Blog Talk Radio in Los Angeles, Chat with Women radio show in Seattle and Conscious Evolution Media Internet TV in Denver. Her website is where her weekly teaching blogs are posted, podcasts and slideshows. You can see her educational videos on her You Tube channel, Sharon Ballantine.

Victoria Buckmann, “The Wealth Catalyst,” is a success mindset expert, combining her background in outside sales with her training as a hypnotherapist and intuitive. Victoria achieved Pinnacle and Presidents Award status year after year. With 25 years of sales experience she created a successful corporate career with a Fortune 100 company. She offers her clients a truly unique perspective on growing a business and their financial success from the inside out. Victoria works with business women, entrepreneurs and business owners who have a great plan in mind for themselves and their business, but have reached a plateau that they can’t rise above. Using a combination of practical tools and profound techniques, you will get results quicker and easier.

Roe DeSaro is the voice for inspiring strong, competent high-achieving women to achieve success, without compromising their family and personal life, while being their authentic feminine self. Crusader for the Gutsy Gal Life! Roe is a passionate energetic speaker and mindset expert with over 30yrs experience in sales, marketing, personal development and leadership training. She touches her audiences at a deep level and inspires women to stand up, speak up and lead authentically. she is the go to resource for women who want to find their inner Gutsy Gal so that they can have an extraordinary business and life.

Robert Burney is a non-clinical, non-traditional therapist – a healer, teacher, and Spiritual guide – whose work has been compared to John Bradshaw’s “except much more spiritual” and described as “taking inner child healing to a new level.” He has developed a unique approach to emotional healing that is the next level of recovery from codependency so many people have been seeking. He has pioneered an inner child healing paradigm that offers a powerful, life-changing formula for integrating Love, Spiritual Truth, and intellectual knowledge of healthy behavior into one’s emotional experience of life – a blueprint for individuals to transform their core relationship with self and life. Robert, whose process is firmly grounded on twelve step recovery principles and emotional energy release / grief process therapy, specializes in teaching individuals how to become empowered to have internal boundaries so they can learn to relax and enjoy life in the moment while healing.

Lori Ostenfeld is an Inspirational Speaker, Writer and Happiness Activist. Her sincerity inspires people to connect with their passion, purpose and creativity to fulfill their goals and deepest desires. Lori guides her clients to identify and gently “move to the side” what’s standing in the way of their personal and professional success. They learn to forgive their past, make peace with their “Inner Perfectionista™” and live happily, even after. Lori is the founder of Living Happy®, The Happyness Coach, Enlightened Living International and Love Cakes by Lori. She is a Certified Professional Coach, Happiness Coach, Success Coach and received a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Delaware and a Masters in Business Administration from the Wharton School.

Kimberly Johnson and Tessa Chittle are thought leaders, coaches, and speakers on happiness, Revolutionary business, and bold, value-based living. Through founding The Revolutionary Living Institute they are facilitating a movement of people who are ready to DO LIFE DIFFERENTLY… live by their values, boldly share their gift with the world, and make happiness non-negotiable NOW not later. They offer group programs, retreats and individualized coaching to support people in shifting their mindset towards happiness, ease, possibility and freedom while also designing the life and business that allows them to live by their unique values and feel the way they want to feel.

Julie Serot, MPhil, RYT, works with women who, despite external accomplishments, feel there’s a big gap between what they thought their lives would look like, and the stress, frustration, and overwhelm they’re actually feeling on a day to day basis. She teaches these women how to reclaim their power by determining their most heartfelt priorities and dreams, and to then take the graceful action to make them real. Her coaching incorporates yoga, breath work, energy work, and visualizations to help clients slow down and reconnect with their feelings and inner guidance in order to create the energy to make sustaining change. Julie is also the founder of Dance Prana™, a movement modality which fluidly incorporates the self-expressive joy of dance with the breath and mindfulness of yoga. She teaches local classes, holds national and international teacher training certifications, and hosts retreats for those who are looking to take their practice deeper. Learn more about Julie at, follow her on Facebook at Julie Serot Dance & Yoga, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @danceprana.

Max Ryan is a Positive Results Mentor, Certified Coach and Trainer who teaches spiritual & metaphysical tools to help you say YES to life and how you can stop wasting time, move forward and finally live the life that you dream. Say YES if that sounds good to you?! Since a very young child Max has had the gift of being extremely sensitive to this world and the world beyond. In fact, as a child he did not understand why other people didn’t understand that they were in fact God incarnate. That may sound extreme, but it became a defining moment for him. As Max grew he realized that that was his purpose and gift to the world; to help people remember that they are gods and goddesses of their own lives, and that they have ultimate power of creation. It is in that realization that people can also discover their true purpose. He has dedicated his life and his work to people who are seeking a deeper meaning of this life and becoming the powerful creators in order attract positive results in any, and all areas of their life. In this way, when the time comes to leave this life, they will look back on their time here with no regrets, but only love, peace and joy. Recently Max had a near death experience. During this experience Max received realizations and confirmations about what life really is and many other extremely valuable lessons. This experience has re-invigorated Max’s work with more power, urgency and clarity.

Monique Gallagher is a Licensed Cybernetic Transposition [CT] Trainer. Monique Gallagher teaches people how to master Cybernetic Transposition, a general success system developed by Stuart Lichtman, MIT engineer. CT is the science of getting what you want by learning how to use the power of the human brain and help recognize and resolve any invisible blocks preventing positive change. Working with Cybernetic Transposition infuses people with new found hope, courage, self esteem and financial well being. Monique has been learning CT for 12 years and teaching it for nine. CT helped Monique bring back her confident and capable Original Self and then guided her to integrate what she had learned but not yet applied to my life. She discovered after working with CT that she was able to integrate her spiritual and personal development knowledge, her intuition, and her varied life experiences into an even more powerful state of knowing and being. Monique became so inspired to show others the power of CT that she cajoled the developer into training her how to teach CT. Her persistence paid off when he created the first ever certified coaching program for her! In teaching these processes she noticed that she is able to instill a sense of enthusiasm, faith and joy which quickly overwrites the fear, doubt and worry that most people are plagued with. This enables them, over time, to step more fully back into ‘creatorship’ of their life without guilt or regret.

Mercedes Maidana is a Motivational Speaker, Abundance Business and Life Coach and Surf Ambassador for Patagonia. She is a three-time consecutive finalist at the XXL Billabong Big Wave Awards, nominated as one of the top three female big wave surfers in the world (2009/2010/2011). Through her work as a coach, Mercedes guides women to go for their dreams and take action steps to live life to their highest potential. Mercedes is based in Hawaii and travels the world surfing while inspiring others to follow their dreams through her motivational talks, coaching and writing. She is currently working on her first book, a guide to manifesting our dream life.

Tara Vossenkemper, MA, LPC, is a private practice therapist who is seeking to expand her reach to the coaching world. She loves personal growth, self-awareness, mindfulness, and spirituality, and she especially loves helping folks to realize that their power lies within. Tara put together the Holistic Health Keys Summit in the hopes that people would start to transition their views from the external world to their own internal world. Happiness, joy, fulfillment, and peace are never outside of us, and Tara’s goal is to bring that message to the many people who are seeking more out of life.