Rosacea - Natural Remedies for Treatment of Rosacea

Rosacea - Natural Remedies for Treatment of Rosacea

Do you suffer from red, splotchy patches of redness over your face, especially on the nose and cheeks? Rosacea, a skin condition that can be annoying and embarrassing, affects about one in 20 Americans. Since it resembles acne at times, many never realize they have rosacea or that there are natural solutions to improve rosacea.

Rosacea is caused by a conditions that can be overcome with natural remedies. A depressed immune system, vitamin deficiencies and an overload of toxins in the body are all conditions that respond to natural solutions.

Most times, rosacea starts with frequent flushing of the face caused by the the blood vessels swelling underneath the skin. This flushing is especially noticeable on the nose and cheeks. This "red mask" is one of the warning signs of rosacea, which can also cause Rosacea can also cause a a feeling of burning and or grittiness in the eyes, as well as inflamed, swollen eyelids.

  • Increase the fruits, veggies and whole gains in your diet. Consider switching to organic foods to limit your exposure to toxins such as pesticides, hormones and other toxic chemicals in the environment.

Your skin is your body''s largest organ and its health, or lack of it, is an indication of your overall health. To improve any skin condition, you can always focus on remedies that target the inside, as opposed to just applying skin creams and ointments that treat the symptoms and not the cause.

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