Spartacus Workout: Lose that flab

Spartacus Workout: Lose that flab

The Spartacus workout was released in January 2010. This routine uses cutting-edge movements. The Spartacus workout has been inspired by Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which is a television program by Starz that is original in nature. The Spartacus workout has been designed by Rachel Cosgrove, who owns Results Fitness, which has its base in Santa Clarita, California.

Spartacus workout

The Spartacus workout is extremely fast-paced. It has enabled scores of men to lose fat. The workout is also effective for body sculpting. Due to the popularity of the Spartacus workout, a new version was created for the year 2011. The launch of the new version coincides with the novel season of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, which is a prequel that airs on Fridays.

The new version of Spartacus workout has more benefits than the original. Cosgrove is responsible for fine-tuning this workout. She has gone on record to say that the Spartan workout is a kick-ass routine. The Spartacus workout has been appropriately tested at Results Fitness.

Cosgrove may be a woman. However, it should be noted that she is also an Ironman triathlete. She has the ability to lift 300 pounds. Her strength and fitness levels are better than most men. She is a renowned fitness expert in the world.

The Spartacus workout should be performed for three times every week. Individuals can utilize the workout as a primary workout for building muscle. Alternatively, it can be utilized as a cardio routine. This routine can be performed on days that fall between regular workouts.

Spartacus workout routine

The Spartacus workout has two circuits or steps. Follow the instructions for Step 1, and proceed to Step 2. For every circuit, there should be performance of one set of the five exercises. The five sets should be performed in succession. Each exercise or station should last for one minute. Perform many reps till your body is challenged. The reps should be performed for 40 seconds. Individuals can rest between exercises for 20 seconds. Perform the next set of exercise when the period of rest is over.

After performing one circuit comprising five exercises, repeat the complete circuit again without rest. Rest for a period of two minutes after completion of circuit 1 twice. Repeat the process twice for four circuits. Once this is done, relax for two minutes and proceed to Step 2.

In Step 2, the entire process should be repeated, till the completion of four circuits. It should be noted that a majority of the exercises are done utilizing a single leg or arm at one time. The best way to perform this exercise is to exercise your weaker side first.