The Diabetic Male’s Essential Guide to Living Well

The Diabetic Male’s Essential Guide to Living Well

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An up-beat, take-charge daily health care manual for the diabetic.

Dr. Juliano''s book pulls no punches about the seriousness of diabetes; he has been blind for fifteen years due to his disease and he draws on his own experience to offer hard-won day-to-day advice. He discusses insulin and other medications and stresses the importance of self-home blood-glucose monitoring, exercise, and good nutrition. He is honest about possible long-term complications to the diabetic eye, kidney, and vascular systems, and problems such as male pattern baldness and erectile dysfunction. Above all, he believes in positive thinking to help the diabetic live well. There are a resource guide, bibliography, and selected readings.

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Review Date: April 9, 1998
Dr. Juliano''s book was quite a pleasant surprise for me. This book covers an array of very important diabetic issues that are discused in a very intelligent format. Dr. Juliano is an Endocrinologist and a diabetic himself. This first hand experience from the age of 15 allows Dr. Juliano to share personal knowledge based on his own trial and error. The discussion of new and alternative treatment methods is what makes this book great. Dr. Juliano incorporates traditional western medicine with Nutrition and Acupuncture. By pointing out that Western medicine, Nutrition, and Acupuncture should be used together to improve a condition is a quantum leap for health care. Unfortunately most medical doctors have no understanding of nutrition and proper vitamin/mineral supplementation. This lack of knowledge limits the treatment options medical doctors offer us. It is quite refreshing to read a book by a medical doctor that addresses alternative medicine. This book is a wonderful compilation of the healing arts! Sincerely, Rick Womack President & CEO Progressive Research LabsEND
Review Date: July 30, 2000
Excerpts from a letter from Dr. John P. Cooke, MD., Ph.D., to the author. Dr. Cooke is an Associate Professor of Medicine and is the Director, Section of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine:

...I have to tell you that I learned a great deal. I read your book at one sitting, on a flight today to give a talk in the Midwest. I learned a few things from you which I will begin to incorporate into the care of my diabetic patients, and into my advice to my diabetic father.

I found most touching the passages describing your own struggle with diabetes, and quite compelling your anecdotes regarding friends and patients with diabetes. In your next book, these anecdotes should be increased in frequency throughout the text to improve readability for the lay person.

This book is a tour de force, and I congratulate you. I look forward to the sequel...

Chapter 12 is outstanding. I was transfixed by the description of your personal experience with a severe diabetic complication...

I enjoyed your section on nutrition and dietary supplements. You may wish to expand this section, and perhaps work with a dietician on some suggested menus for diabetic patients.

I enjoyed your chapter on diabetic impotence, and chapter on diabetic feet...

Joe, congratulations on a superb book. I admire your drive to help others with diabetes, and your tenacity to complete this book. Thanks again for allowing me to read it. I will recommend it to my diabetic patients.

John Cooke

Review Date: January 24, 1998
Thirty-six years ago, Joseph Juliano was diagnosed as an insulin-dependent diabetic; fifteen years ago, he became totally blind due to his disease. Though his blindness ended his medical career and curtailed his two passions-driving sports cars and surfing-he did not give up on life, and instead focused his energy on understanding his disease and turned his knowledge into help for other diabetics. Author of the highly-acclaimed The Diabetic''s Innovative Cookbook, Dr. Joseph Juliano now offers a hands-on health-care manual for men with diabetes in this book. Drawing on years of medical research and his own experience, Juliano provides inspiration and solid day-to-day advice for sufferers of this frustrating and often debilitating disease.

Dr. Juliano carefully explains the types of insulin and oral medications curretnly available, the latest treatment modalities, the importance of self-home blood glucose monitoring, and how to understand clinical blood chemistry panels. Throughout his explanations, he urges diabetics to be vigilant in monitoring their condition.

While Dr. Juliano meticulously details the medical specifics of treating diabetes, he also stresses the power of positive thinking and the importance of a mind-body approach to this-and every-disease.

Discipling the mind and working with it gives us control over our bodies, says Julino. To illustrate his point, he shares the story of his journey back to a healty, useful life after the trauma of going blind, losing his professional career, his recreational passions, his marriage and his independence.

In addition to offering advice on exercise and nutrition, Dr. Juliano addresses concerns specific to men, including male pattern baldness and impotence. He addresses the long-term effect diabetes can have on the eye, the kidney, and the vascular and nervous systems. A bibliography and an index are included as well as five appendices:
- male impotence and diabetes,
-the symptoms of low blood sugar,
-selected newsletters and journals on diabetes,
-other resources for diabetes,
-a resource guide to aids and appliances for the diabetic.

Joseph Juliano, M.D. is the co-author of The Diabetic''s Innovative Cookbook: A Positive Approach to Living with Diabetes (Henry Holt, 1994) and the author of When Diabetes Complicates Your Life: Meeting the Challenge and Related Complications. He lives in Central Texas.

Review Date: March 17, 1998
While the scope of the book is "for men", I found much of the content was for any diabetic, a man or a woman. The chapters for the men I found created in me an awareness and empathy to these unique results of the disease to the male body.

Interested in researching your disease? Juliano has done a great deal of the work in researching diabetes and application to daily life. This is packed with information based on his personal research.

I plan to keep it as part of my reference library, even if I am a "lady".