Weigh In Wednesday – Weights and Measures

Weigh In Wednesday – Weights and Measures
Weigh In Wednesday Scale

What up, peeps? How’s your week going so far?

I’m happy to say I got my butt back in the gym this week. A week (plus) off, and I felt like I was starting at the beginning of my New Rules of Lifting program. But, I did it, and boy do I feel it today!

This week I tried something new – I did not weigh myself every day. It was NOT an easy thing to do – the scale called to me every morning! But I want this to be about much more than that number, so I am trying to give the scale less power over me and my mood.

This week was the perfect test. There was Valentine’s Day, where I indulged in some homemade brownies (oh yeah), and then my “monthly gift” arrived, with all the fun and weight retention that brings with it.

Let’s take a look…

Weigh In Wednesday: By The Numbers

Highest weight ever: 247 pounds

Last Week’s Weight: 213.8

Today’s weight: 213.9

Difference: + 0.1 pound

Total weight loss from highest weight ever: 33.1 pounds

I basically remained the same, BUT – I also did my measurements this week. I did them two weeks ago, so I’ll show you the differences here:

Left Arm

2/6 – 16.5″

2/20 – 15.75″

Difference: -1.25 inches!! Honestly, I think I did something wrong here, but I’ll see what happens in another two weeks…


2/6 – 40″

2/20 – 39.75″

Difference: -0.25 inches. There’s that water retention I was talking about…


2/6 – 46.5″

2/20 – 46″

Difference: -0.5 Inches. Nice!

Right Calf

2/6 – 18.75″

2/20 – 18.25″

Difference -0.5 inches. Yay!

Total inches lost in 2 weeks: 2.75!!

I’m really happy with that number, especially since I haven’t spent that much time at the gym.

I will continue to do my measurements every other week, since they seem like a better indicator of my progress to me.

How did you do this week?