Welcome to Soul Loving Health!

Welcome to Soul Loving Health!

Thank you so much for visiting my little space on the World Wide Web!

I’m Guppi and I’m on my journey to Soul Loving Health – what I believe is optimum health! You see, I believe to reach optimum health or what I like to call Soul Loving Health, you have to be healthy inside and out.


Now, I understand that there are people who believe in the existence of the soul and there are people who do not. I belong to those who do believe in the existence of the soul – I believe you ARE a soul:

“Your body does not have a soul, your soul has a body”

I always try and stay spiritually connected (Spirituality is not linked to religion and God for many people but for some people it is – both are fine!) There’s no wrong way to go about spirituality, it’s beautiful because it’s whatever you want to believe it is.


I am a huge believer in love. I love to love and believe to love and be loved is one of the single most powerful and beautiful feelings ever. How many times did I just say love? Haha. I believe it’s SO important to start with yourself. I didn’t always love myself but felt like I loved others truly. A good friend told me:

“If you love yourself, you are filled with love, you are overflowing with love, so you can easily love others.”

That stuck with me till today and I truly try and live by it. It helps me make wiser life choices that keep me happier and most definitely healthier!


So if you remember that beautiful quote about your soul having a body, it’s so much easier to see that your body is your home. After all you live in it forever! So, isn’t it important to keep your home clean, happy and healthy? You wouldn’t live in a house/apartment that was dirty, unhygienic and full of negativity, so why would you allow your soul to? Even if you’re not a believer in souls, why would you carry all of that around with you every day and every night?!

Therefore, it is my mission to humbly bring this kind of awareness to you and help you reach and maintain Soul Loving Health.

I’d be honoured for you to share this transformational journey with me.