Whats happeningIn order to achieve the

Whats happeningIn order to achieve the

Whats happening

In order to achieve the widest possible national recognition and awareness of British Food Fortnight in 2003 the organisers are:

1. Establishing a broad ''coalition'' of supporting organisations who all share the objective of promoting Britain''s regional food. Their role is to promote the event through their networks by encouraging their members/retail outlets/catering establishments to take part. [click through to list of organizations - see later page]

2. Encouraging independent food retailers, restaurants and pubs to stock predominantly British regional food and drink and to offer regular tastings and promotions throughout British Food Fortnight. Last year''s promotion succeeded in persuading over 500 retailers and 550 restaurants nationwide to take part. This year, every outlet will be given a self-help promotion pack. This will include point-of-sale material for decorating their stores or restaurants and advice about introducing new regional British foods to the range already stocked and conducting in-store tastings. Results from 2002 indicate that 97% of the retailers who took part substantially increased their sales of British food and drink (in excess of 14%) and regularly now stock foods initially brought in for the promotion.

3. Setting up Regional Groups (based on the 8 Government Regions) to encourage schools, sports and social organisations, families, entire communities, domestic and overseas visitors to support regional British producers by making a special effort during the fortnight''s celebration to buy regional food and if possible to buy it from farmers'' markets, local independent butchers, green-grocers and speciality food retailers. These groups are being led by the Church''s Regional Diocese Co-ordinators to link in with Harvest Festival. TO FIND OUT DETAILS OF YOUR REGIONAL GROUP CLICK HERE. Scottie, list provided at end of this doc.

4. Stimulating local networks into organising events by devising ways for urban and rural communities to take part. In particular, mobilising communities to establish their own local food chains and obtain the highest quality fresh, healthy food at affordable prices.

5. Building on the link with Harvest Festival by engaging the parish and diocese networks to use the fortnight to promote their traditional harvest celebration to the non-church going public. The dates of this year''s event have been set to cover the three main Sundays in the Church''s Harvest Festival calendar to enable this.

6. Expanding the event into Scotland which this year will host Scottish Food Fortnight. A group of working partners is currently being established to run the event, including Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Scottish Farmers'' Markets, Scottish Food & Drink, Visit Scotland and the Scottish Countryside Alliance.

7. Making the producer the hero - in the era of the celebrity chef, let''s celebrate the person producing the food!

8. Positioning the fortnight as part of the overall tourism, leisure and recreational experience by promoting its activities in tourism offices, visitor and activity centres. In particular, furthering the integration of food and drink into tourist, leisure and recreational activities as a way of adding value to the visitor experience. And encouraging tourists and visitors going to the countryside for a day out, staying in a B&B, walking, climbing or camping, to make a special effort to seek out regional food and drink in local pubs and restaurants and to stock up on supplies from local shops.